Welcome to my world – Whether you are a guest, visitor, or character of my stories, it’s great to e-meet you. I am a marketing student who has been learning curiously for more than 20 years now, on topics that have NOW started connecting together!

You will find stories on things I get curious about — Mostly as a Marketer — Human Behavior, History, Tech, Productivity, Finance, Consumer Goods, Starting up!

This is my space, where I write first for myself and then for someone like you who might be curious about things that excite me as well.

This is the place I share my perspectives, some of which might be simple ranting that might be creating a lot of noise in my head. Or some of it might just sound super insightful to me, as I key it down.

With a combination of insPirable and insPired perspectives, I attempt to break down what Marketing stands for – not a simple collection of Ps, rather, but more like a complex journey of patterns and perspectives.

Travel the P-lanet with me. Happy Journey!! 🙂

I also write at Medium and Linkedin publicly. (Sorry, can’t share my private ranting!)