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I am what I am !

Nopes, it is not a rigid male-chauvinistic I-care-balls-about-the-world kind of attitude reflection, but the latest global big-budget campaign launched by Reebok, alias Rbk, to communicate the attitude the brand reflects, and subsequently endorsed by the featured celebrities – that of an Assertive and confident individual, and their real life behind the cameras. Launched on 7th Feb’05 , the biggest campaign to be launched by Reebok, it signifies authenticity and individuality. Says the Chief Marketing Officer…

Namaste Wal-mart.. Retail Indian Inc.

As anticipated, when there is so much activity going on in the biggest retail market in the world, how can the champion stay behind? As soon as the proposal of opening FDI in Retail has taken weight, the president of Wal-mart is planning on an Indian visit soon. A few days back, Wal-mart had spoken to the major FMCG firms sourcing to the retailers in India. Speaking of the Indian Retail industry, a latest whitepaper…


A nice article came in March on branding at It emphasizes on the significance and relevance of branding in the market. “Branding is about making your product or service known to as many potential customers as possible, consistently, with the most effective use of your time and money. Branding is about repeat business. Branding is about effortless referrals. “ A set of questions need to be asked, to introspect your brand strength and worthiness,…

Happy Wal-Marther’s day….

Long time since I posted something. Had planned to update the blog after completing INS 23, but somehow, couldn’t fish out time to post. Or maybe, the paucity of resources could also be one of the major reasons ;-). Net blocked on my terminal… so no more R&D at speedy leisure ! :-/ Anyway, plan to cover a few important areas I had thought of. To start with, a little update on… the Big wee…

Offbeat Marketing ..from another P

A nice offbeat article on offbeat marketing, of an offbeat product in International Herald Tribune – World Music. Putamayo World Music.. ever heard the name? Well, I didnt…. and what a better name to learn from, than another P .. ;-D The co-founder, Dan Storper, goes around different parts of the world, distributing free CDs, which are a compilation of world music, clubbed with new and innovative features, and specific album covers, to ensure brand-recall….

Token of India-Pakistan Ps process… Dabur gets the cake!

Just read about a new Ad by Dabur in Pakistan. The kind of Advertising that is allowed in Pakistan is different from that done in India. The Media there is controlled by the govt., and there are certain laws which one needs to abide. For example, two interesting ones that I came across are: – All the ads must include Pakistani Models only, and no one outside Pakistan – Indian movies cannot be aired in…

Cut it ….

FMCG companies and the retailers are meeting again – “to cut the costs”. Same old clichéd statement and efforts. I think the entire industry knows that SCM is the bottleneck, and if the economy has to grow, the processes have to be streamlined. And when we say streamlined, it means one cannot proceed with thousands and thousands of “mom-and-Pop” stores, and the “Parchoonis”. First an effort has to be made at the back-end, like the…

P-yo Rasna!

Rasna – Ahmedabad-based firm, with Rs. 275 Cr Sales. It is in talks with Global retailers for visibility. This is in line with plans of Hard rock café and Starbucks to enter the Indian market. I don’t understand, why should that create insecurity for the soft drink concentrate maker? It is a completely different segment that it addresses, just that the target consumers would be the same essentially. So, if there is segment called as…

Ad’em all … Soft Drink Ads

Ad-check on the current ads catering to the soft-drink market, specific to carbonated drinks segment. Just for the accounts, Total Soft Drinks market – Rs. 5000 Crore. Out of this market, Lime-lemon category constitutes almost 30 per cent. Pepsi launched “khoofiya” campaign with Saif, followed by Coca-cola‘s Thanda Aish-cash offer..This triggered the oye-bubbly mega campaign by Pepsi, the multi-mega starrer “Oye Bubbly” Campaign. Could Coke stay behind? Enter – the trumph card for Coke –…

Brand Equity Quiz 2005

Citibank Chennai won the BEQ 2005(16th yr) with SBI as runners up, and Mudra 3rd.Few Questions I could manage to get…Ray Raymond created as an MBA school project – Victoria’s SecretThe Name of the Michigan graduate on Balaji Telefilms Board – Tushar KapoorExpansion of the acronym – BYOD-KM, coined by Steve Jobs recently introduced while launching the MacMini – Bring your own Display, Keyboard and Monitor – as the new, low-priced Macintosh computer comes without…

Wal-mart in India?

Wal-Mart gets a feel of India from MNC Partners For the first time, the $288-billion company called on over 10 MNCs in the country – Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Frito Lays, P&G, Cadbury, Henkel, Nestle and others – to study the consumer behavior in the Indian markets. To know more about the buying habits of the Indian Consumer, the SCM in the markets and the margins. Main 3 RoI for Retailers are – Conversion Ratio, Footfalls and…

SoaPs Market…

Went to Subka Bazaar today, jotted down the soap collection offered by them. They have 21 brands in all: Mentioning the marketers also. Of course, the leader takes the chair…. Hindustan Lever Network (10) Breeze Lux Liril Dove Hamam Lifebouy (Care, Fresh, Strong) Pears Ayush Fair and Lovely Rexona Moti Others No Marks – Ozone Ayurvedics Palmolive – Colgate-Palmolive Savlon – Johnson & Johnson Jeeva – Jyothi Laborataries Santoor – Wipro Ltd. Dettol – Reckitt…

Introduction to the blog?

Since it is my first experience, am not sure how much I would be able to put into it, and how much execution would be realistically possible…. But then, Planning does not take these factors into account, does it ? 😉 So, what all do I “plan” to publish here…. In one single word, it would be “Marketing” .. and in 3 words … “All about Marketing“…. All that I read up on Marketing, the…


First post, first entry,… Welcome to the world of bloggers… Is it herd mentality, or a cliched epiphany?Time will tell.For now, want to see how this P comes out of this blog….Another P of Marketing? or a P’s of Ad-wise! Checking the date

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