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The curious case of Lota, Toilet Paper and Bidet – Who will be(or do) a complete Washout?

(this note has seven sections and is approx a 10 minute read) 1. Introduction Recently, the Internet was full of news of Toilet papers being hoarded and ‘Bidets’ becoming the most searched word in the US. Videos of people fighting and rushing to stock up toilet paper were getting shared across our current hangout ‘social’ zones. Did you wonder why this obsession with Toilet paper? Did you also find it bemusing to read about this,…

The Virility of Virality!

Jonah Berger explains what it takes for ideas to be contagious in his bestseller of 2013. While there are some interesting use cases globally, India has its own share of small sucessess! Incidentally, the numbers in India favor the not so ‘contagious’ ideas as well, as little virality in limited circles also gives good enough numbers for marketers to drive ‘promotions’ (pun intended!). While I won’t go into the theory bit of it for now, there…

Never Ever Give up….Find your way…in 2014!

2 months after my promise of ‘expression’ in 2010, there are barely 4 entries – from March end 2010 till date – that’s 4 entries in 3.5 years! The worst promise to break is the one you make to yourself – you don’t have anyone to explain and feel less guilty – you are your own judge, so justifications don’t work mostly! As 2013 draws to a close, setting a benchmark for personal as well…


If someone called your plan ridiculous, read this note from Seth Godin – and see if you can turn the tables, and make the naysayers turn back to you and call it remarkable! Gutsy, Daring, Outlier, Maverick, ‘Different’, unique – all might have different connotations – but given this definition, probably, all of them have similar undertones. Do you have something ridiculous in mind?Remarkable – just go ahead and do it.

What’s your moment?

It’s 11:11 on 11.11.11 – an auspicious moment to do something significant.  So what is that one thing that you always wanted to do and feel inspired whenever you think about it?  Something that makes you just get up and do it with so much passion that if you don’t get up, you regret the most? Something you dream of on every frustrated or lazy day? Something that brings that small unknown private smile on…

Dutch Bus Stop Scale

A billboard by a Dutch Health club that makes you conscious of your weight. Though it is being called something that triggers public humiliation, I really appreciate the “Creative Quotient” of the advert. Worth learning from! read more | digg story

Contribution Currency in Web 2.0 – How much have you earned?

A great post by Vanessa on Social Media – a 101 on Web 2.0 actually. Going on the concept of “contribution currency” on the Web. She has given a simplistic, yet beautiful difference between Web 1.0 thinking and Web 2.0 thinking – “give instead of take” – worth a read for sure. I like one of the sayings she refers to, by Eric Hoffer, “In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned…

Sao Paulo (Brazil): Spread the Message… but not Outside!

Its not uncommon these days to imagine a city, which appears to be “young and hep” with an open mindset reflected in the Advertising Media, yet hosting a community grappling with high rates of maternal mortality and lack of awareness on women’s rights! When it comes to South America’s largest and most prosperous country, Brazil is no exception to this. On one hand, the city government of Sao Paulo banned any public display of Billboards…

Deceptive Marketing … Marketing in 2010?

What happens when Marketers overuse their understanding of the Ps of Marketing and give importance to an altogether redefined set of Ps – Perception, Promises, Packaging and Pills? Sometimes, when Marketers are too much focused on the topline, they tend to overpromise and underdeliver, .. That’s when the black side of Marketing, termed as “Deceptive Marketing” evolves.. And this is exactly when a regulatory mechanism is required to stop them and tell them to introspect…

No time to Rest in the Rest Rooms…..for Marketers!

Restroom Advertising is nothing new, not even at this blog – Have talked about Restrooms (the Advertising part!) before also, be it Guerillas in Restrooms or LCD Ads and posters inside public bathrooms – Marketers do not want to miss out on this integral space of consumer’s space. Having said that, another component of Marketing is being exercised on Restrooms now – From Advertising, Marketers have moved on to Branding of Restrooms. Have a look…

Wal-mart Girls – Promoting the Promoters..

Long back, I had written a new and innovative ways of marketing music – through innovation in the distribution channel and creativity in branding. That time it was Putamayo, this time it is Miramonte Records… If Putamayo tried playing its world music in the retail outlets and restaurants, another music company, Miramonte Records, is trying newer ways to promote country music – by creating music and promoting those who would promote that very music! Specifically,…

Welcome, 2007!

Welcome, 2007! Its been a long wait… Finally, you have arrived!Looking forward to an exciting time with you over the next one year…

The Thinkers50 – An Elite Club…

Have been consistently inconsistent in blogging for while now; Would it would take a New year’s Resolution for me to be back to this forum again? Maybe…Maybe not. A bit of extra time would be just fine :). Guess, this is where most of the blogs lead to. Too much of thought and too much of dreaming. But little on execution. Incidentally, this place will NOT be like most of the blogs, and I am…

Keeperless Shops in Rural India – Still workable?

If someone told you to keep a vegetable shop open 24 by 7 next to the busy bypass roads of Delhi, without a soul to guard it, and a tray kept for collections, even having change inside for the convenience of the customers, would you be interested? 🙂 In all probability, you would mock at the idea itself or discard it as pure rubbish! Well, Delhi might be an extreme case, but most parts of…

Want to be a millionaire in Arizona? Simply vote!

Was browsing through New York Times, when an article struck me – a new way to get voters to vote – by offering them incentives! According to the article, votes are being promoted as “lottery tickets” in Arizona, wherein a voter could win a million dollars by voting. They would be given ballot-cum-lottery tickets, which would be used for lottery post-elections. One lucky winner would get a million dollars, and many others would get 1000…

Lebanon – Advertising against Sectarianism – through Sectarianism!

Could you think of resolving the sectarian divide between Hindus and Muslims during partition in India through media? Could you make people conscious of the implications of the divide and the rationality behind it?Unfortunately, that did not happen… Probably, the awareness levels were never there…. probably, the resources were never there… or worst, probably the will was never there. But, if anyone believed that advertising is not a solution to religious conflicts and is ineffective,…

Where’s the Consumer? There’s a Consumer!

“Then, a consumer wonders…. Is there is any place where I would not be noticed?? “Advertisers are no longer satisfied with the media they have for Ad exposures – the traditional media is history. Outdoor media is no longer restricted to billboards and road signs. Globally, the trend is changing.A few examples.. In Shanghai, China, a giant ship carrying an LED advertising board patrols the Huangpu River in Shanghai. According to a news item, “the…

The 21st century woman – No Strings attached!

Been ages since I wrote something. Something or the other kept me occupied. Am sure generations of blog-tourists would have come and gone. Though I have enough to self-justify for this absence, there’s no point in harping over it since it seems to be irrelevant and out of context at the place!A few days back, I came across an interesting piece in Pune Times that covered a rising trend – a trend that has entailed…

Consumer Engagement – From Intrusive to Co-creation..

With rising consumer preferences, and emergence of more discerning consumers, marketers are revisiting their marketing and communication strategies. Shaping up a consumer’s mindset no longer seems to be an effective mode. Instead, higher consumer involvement in the early stages of Marketing activities seems to be the mantra in the marketing world of the future. In a recent article at imedia by Jim Nail, titled “The 4 Types of Engagement“, the future of advertising has been…

Maggi (Romania) – If Women spent less time cooking..

It’s been a while since I wrote about something. Have a few pending subjects, but need to delve a bit more before I post them here. For now, I read about this interesting campaign at Ad Punch by McCann Ericksson for their client Nestle Romania (Brand Maggi). . This campaign recently got shortlisted for the Golden Drums Awards 2006. The theme of the campaign reads ‘if only women spent less time cooking’, and reflects the…

Missed Call Marketing (Australia) – Innovative Telemarketing or Cheap Spam?

A new wave of telemarketing is getting a lot of attention in the Australian Mobile market and annoying a majority of mobile users in Australia. Termed as “Missed Call Marketing”, it is the practice of giving a missed call to mobile owner, who upon seeing the “missed call” notification would perceive it to be a legitimate call and ring back. On ringing the number, he/she would hear a recorded promotional message. Normally, telemarketing is done…

Mahatma Gandhi – “Think Different”

Exactly a year ago, I had celebrated the 136th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at this place. Logically, it is his 137th Birth Anniversary today. Last year, I had discussed “Brand Gandhi” and how he has been instrumental in endorsing brands. Elevated to Celebrity status, the use of his name and stature has been instrumental in attaching credibility to a lot of companies. Taking it forward, I intend to discuss one such illustration which highlights…

Bagvertising: Handling your Targeted Marketing Campaign

Proliferation of Media channels has entailed a decline in the effectiveness of existing traditional channels. Measurement of the efficacy of the traditional media is no longer treated with enthusiasm by the industry professionals and new requirements and expectations are emerging for innovation, insight, experimentation, and measurable returns. According to a report by Boston Consulting Group, titled “Darwin Pays a Visit to Advertising” – Opportunities for Action in Consumer Markets Marketers have moved beyond the “Mass…

Guerillas with a sense of Humor..

Some creatives invoke a thought process, others simply make you smile…Found some of these creatives at Arvind’s Blog Though some of them may be tagged as “cheap humor“, they do make you laugh. And yes, you need a bent of mind for this kind of stuff to understand these as well…;) The Campaigns are:– Zandu Ads created by TBWA India “Dont Sneeze”– Mini Guerilla in the Urinal “Test your handling Skills”– The “It can happen…

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