Jonah Berger explains what it takes for ideas to be contagious in his bestseller of 2013. […]
2 months after my promise of ‘expression’ in 2010, there are barely 4 entries – from […]
If someone called your plan ridiculous, read this note from Seth Godin – and see if you […]
It’s 11:11 on 11.11.11 – an auspicious moment to do something significant.  So what is that […]
A billboard by a Dutch Health club that makes you conscious of your weight. Though it […]
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Its not uncommon these days to imagine a city, which appears to be “young and hep” […]
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Restroom Advertising is nothing new, not even at this blog – Have talked about Restrooms (the […]
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Welcome, 2007! Its been a long wait… Finally, you have arrived!Looking forward to an exciting time […]
Have been consistently inconsistent in blogging for while now; Would it would take a New year’s […]
If someone told you to keep a vegetable shop open 24 by 7 next to the […]
Was browsing through New York Times, when an article struck me – a new way to […]
Could you think of resolving the sectarian divide between Hindus and Muslims during partition in India […]
“Then, a consumer wonders…. Is there is any place where I would not be noticed?? “Advertisers […]
Been ages since I wrote something. Something or the other kept me occupied. Am sure generations […]
With rising consumer preferences, and emergence of more discerning consumers, marketers are revisiting their marketing and […]
It’s been a while since I wrote about something. Have a few pending subjects, but need […]
A new wave of telemarketing is getting a lot of attention in the Australian Mobile market […]
Exactly a year ago, I had celebrated the 136th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at this […]
Proliferation of Media channels has entailed a decline in the effectiveness of existing traditional channels. Measurement […]
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It is not uncommon for budding prospective Marketers to use jargon before they use marketing. Since […]
Entries have been pending for a long time now. Found some interesting things happening around the […]
Barcodes have turned into another channel for communicating to the consumers. The company, Design Barcode, based […]
Rural Marketing is not all about low price points and PR building. Marketers in Bihar have […]
Another piece from Cannes Lions 2006 – this time in the Press Category An insert in […]
It might be more than a month since the Cannes Lions 2006 Awards have been announced, […]
I had spoken about Eggvertising a couple of months back, and am back with the eggs […]
Another set of “Best Billboards” have been announced – this time as part of the 7th […]
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It is always interesting to get a perspective on Indian Marketing from International Marketers. Keeping their […]
An innovative billboard designed by Leo Burnett has been put up in Wrigleyville, Chicago, as part […]
A creative concept by BBDO for Cingular symbolizes the “dropped calls” irritant and claims that the […]
Found really innovative campaigns at the BillboardromOne of them uses the aircraft seat pretty creatively (till […]
Shanghai is mad about World Cup, and I can sense it here. New and innovative marketing […]
National Monuments acting as Brand Ambassadors? Well, if Advertising is not headed there, at least the […]
Advertising Express, the International Advertising Publication of ICFAI Press, has featured my article as this month’s […]
Talking of Warfare, marketers in India are predicting that the price wars would move from the […]
Wayne E Pollard, at CMO Magazine, has wonderfully articulated the learnings for Marketers from the chapters […]
Folger’s coffee has another medium of advertising in New York City – Manholes!Printed on Vinyl and […]
I had earlier spoken about Fitness centres using innovative application of traditional media – Billboards. That […]
I am amazed at the pace the Indian advertising is going at. The creative juices undoubtedly […]
Thanks to a tip from Ilya Vedrashko at Billboard, I found a whole new dimension of […]
Last week, Chief Post Master General of Maharashtra Circle, K Noorjehan, released a special Lifebuoy Swasthya […]
Though this article is done with its round of Blog-attention almost 2 months back, I could […]
A small portion of the glocal strategies used by Nike the world over:In Mexico, Nike strongly […]