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Scary Butts…of Cigarettes! (Peru)

Found an interesting effort-intenstive Outdoor campaign on Anti-Smoking. Created by O&M Lima, for their client Liga Contra el Cancer (The Peruvian league to fight cancer) for their no-smoke day According to BestAds, Using 15,000 cigarettes butts, glued together one by one in an outdoor panel, level to the sidewalk, Ogilvy dramatized the threat that cigarettes represent for a non-smoking person, in this case, a little girl.A month and half before the campaign, with the help…

I need MySpace…Literally! (France)

I never knew that there is such a bad Housing Crisis in France until this strong Guerilla campaign hit me at Best Ads. Made for Foundation Abbé Pierre (France), the objective of the campaign was simple – to raise awareness among the general public and the government of the bad housing crisis in France. It wanted to present an in-your-face reality that thousands of people in France have as little space to live as a…

The Hungry Child, The Thirsty Child – Do we really care?

I have earlier talked about the problems of deprived children and the solutions that the marketing world has offered – how NGOs/ ad agencies have been brilliantly communicating their problems, adapting innovative ways and tools to connect to the social world. Be it about providing shelter to homeless children or pushing them out of begging, or fighting against Child Labor, campaigns have always managed to get a lot of attention, and possibly encouraged a lot…

Fond of collecting Shells? – Think about the snails first!

A powerful & provocative ad that reflects upon the condition of the refugees, who are forced out of their homes. According to Spluch, The United Nations refugee agency is running a provocative international advertising campaign that employs shock tactics to raise awareness about its work and drum up public support for those who have been forced to flee their homes. The pro bono TV campaign, launched in Canada earlier this month and also running in…

Air Pollution – the invisible Killer!

Thanks to Adcritic’s latest print issue, found a unique competition aimed at creating something for the environment – One Show College Competition, organized for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), announced its winners for 2007. The theme was “Another way to save the world” and asked the entrants to focus on global warming and clean energy; toxic chemicals and human health; and protection of the oceans. The Gold Pencil winner in the Innovative Marketing category…

Kleenex ain’t “clean” after all…says Greenpeace

Social Campaigns and protests might not give a comfortable feeling around, considering that in India, it is reserved for people who dont have much work. More so, the effectiveness of such initiatives is always a question. Therefore, the protests or NGOs instigating such reactions are termed as inconsequential and not really appreciated around, by the common people. However, have a look at a recent campaign successfully closed by Greenpeace activists at Times Square, where Kleenex…

Social marketing for Gen Y: Aids awareness at “Condom Bar”

Talk about India in today’s global economy, and almost every conversation would begin with “India is doing well”….well, it is definitely booming, and with an economy growing at more than 9.2%, it isn’t much of a surprise to hear this…in a number of sectors, India is ahead of other countries. However, there are certain other areas as well where India is ahead of other nations, but this lead is not something to really boast about…

Campaigns for Homeless Children – The Social Way…

I have earlier discussed campaigns on children – either to push them out of begging or on Child Labor. Here are some more campaigns on homeless kids..A thought provoking campaign by Everest Y&R was executed in Mumbai in some food outlets. Termed “tent-card”, the ambient entails a child sitting inside the menu card kept on tables, and reads “Over two lakh children live in places you can never imagine.“ A brief provided on the ambient……

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