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iChef Meal Kits Ads – Food for thought?

Spending money on a full-page print ad is definitely noticeable. You spend a lot of money and time to invest behind the creatives, the messaging and the back-end preparation. It would then be quite heart-breaking for a marketer when readers would ignore or not get your message and flip over! Worst, it is noticed more by marketing students (like me) who would rather intellectualize than buy! When such a step is taken by one of…

Smoking Creativity on a Burning Issue – the old and the new! (New York & France)

If you are into creatives, you would know (more) – Chicks, Children, Canines and Cigarettes – you don’t need to sell them, for they sell on their own. But for the sake of sheer creativity, though, they are, what one can say, ‘essential ingredients’ of any viral campaign. No wonder this space has mentioned Cigarettes in a lot of previous entries (as it has Chicks, Children and Canines as well) Imagine cigarettes being a cure-all…

Leveraging Social Media – Crop or Crunches (Costa Rica)

Just realized that I still haven’t posted the post on Tiger Woods, that I had been working on for almost 2 weekends. Actually, I was too busy with my social media world and trying to exercise. That’s why, when I glanced through a campaign which is a mix of social media and Gymming, it had to be posted here. Have a look at this campaign, and if you are a regular at Facebook, twitter or…

AT&T (U.S.) – Best for any carrier..but not the brand!

There are some campaigns that get your attention and your “share of wallets” as well – and there are some campaigns that manage to just get your attention, but get ignored by the latter. Most of these campaigns get your attention, not because of the brand, but because of their innovative execution & excellent creatives – very few, however, of them manage to ensure even the brand recall at the end of it. Such campaigns,…

Energizer – Never Let their Toys Die, or.. (South Africa)

I just read some quite interesting facts about how the brains of women work, but there is something to be added in that entry,so might post that by tonight or tomorrow. Meanwhile, found an equally interesting piece on kids this time – and how a brand has leveraged insights into kids’ psyche to promote its brand. And guess what it is about? Not diapers or food items, not chocolates or balloons, not games or toys,…

Out of the Box…and Thinking!

Time has passed. Things have moved ahead. But the “Chinese Irony” still remains at the top of my entries. Maybe, a lot of entries have assumed so much importance before, but this one seemed to hurt a little more than the previous ones. At least when I was offered to sell my blog because it seemed I am no longer interested in it!! Well, no more sabbatical for this blog – maybe a few off…

The Art of Creativity – Applied in Advertising (Brazil)

Found this nice piece of creativity at advertising for peanuts. A fine example of how simple concepts of design can communicate a strong social message. Made for CVV (Suicide Prevention Center) by Leo Burnett, Sao Paulo (Brazil), the campaign symbolizes how the best person to help you in your times of trouble is you yourself. Hence, the campaign “Help Yourself” Incidentally, found an interesting blog, Mer-chan, whose author, Katy, had identified a similar design piece…

The Economist: A mind expanding substance?

I had earlier posted a collated list of the Economist Ads that appeared around 18 months back. To add to that, found this interesting ambient piece (below) sometime back. Another Ad (right) won the Epica Silver last year in the print category. Wonderful concepts….takes a bit of thinking to understand, though 🙂[via Ads of the World and Epica Awards]

Air Pollution – the invisible Killer!

Thanks to Adcritic’s latest print issue, found a unique competition aimed at creating something for the environment – One Show College Competition, organized for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), announced its winners for 2007. The theme was “Another way to save the world” and asked the entrants to focus on global warming and clean energy; toxic chemicals and human health; and protection of the oceans. The Gold Pencil winner in the Innovative Marketing category…

Hubba Bubba (Australia) – For Blowers

Found these nice creative pieces at Ads of the world, for another offering from Wrigley’s – “Hubba Bubba” The tagline reads “For Blowers, Hubba Bubba”Made by Wrigley Jr. Company in 1979 in the US, Hubba Bubba has been positioned primarily as a bubble blowing gum. Since the gum was less sticky, these bubbles were easier to peel from the skin after they burst…a scientific explanation to the pranks intended indirectly hinted at.. As is evident,…

PI Worldwide – Are Head counts and High Potential Enough?

Found a nice piece of ad in the latest edition of Harvard Business Review. Following the lead, these 2 ads are featured as posters at the website of PI Worldwide. A nice analogy to present and market the need of a behavioral Assessment tool – tools that are required to improve performance and productivity of human assets. Human resources cannot be taken as commodities, and there is a concerted subjective assessment required to make the…


I spoke about Advertisers and the level of creativity they demonstrated. Well, maybe, one cannot generalize this for the industry per se, since there are some works that get redundant and duplicated with time. On one hand you have the campaign of Sherwin Williams, and on the other you have a similar, but “Indianized” version of the campaign for Nerolac – the young couple is replaced with an old man…abiding by the “moral” code that…

An advertiser’s mind….

How does a human mind work when it looks at emotions? A normal human brain would, most likely, interpret the emotions based on previous information, and relate to causal conditions for the emotions – and sympathize with them. In some cases, we can empathize with those emotions as well….. For instance, this photograph might look like a baby crying and tired, or the pic below might seem to be two cute twins posing for a…

DC Mills – Taking Coir Across the World..

Most of the times, advertisements in the B2C or C2C space are discussed and stressed upon in the marketing circles. This time, however, I found a piece, which is supposedly* in the B2B space – Dennis Coir Mills. This simple ad highlights the source, as well as the target markets in this print piece. As mentioned at Adland, Coir is made from coconuts and is used in the making of floor mats and doormats, brushes,…

McDonalds in the Newspapers…

Can you think of creative ways of “packaging” the news items and the way they are presented, for a campaign? Am sure if you are hungry, you would have imagined what these campaigns have presented…columns seem like finger chips and paragraphs seem like cheese! Have a look at a recent campaign for McDonalds in some Canadian Newspaper [via Coloribus] Previous Campaigns on McDonalds discussed here:Sundial CampaignRice BurgersCompetitor Campaigns for McDs

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