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|P+| ~ Issue*7

Happy Independence Day! It has been a long time since the last issue. I didn’t want to compromise on the questions, so did not post a few I had already in the kitty. Here is a fresh set of this week’s business dose. Should wet your appetite! Earlier he was a salesman for Aga cookers, today his guidelines are “The Golden Rules” of a particular industry. Who is he?(David Oglivy)In which US city do you…

|P+| ~ Issue*6

Another week! Another set of 20 Brand pills – the last one before I enter my Post-graduation Era!Here they are – Which Indian movie was included as a case study in Leadership Skills by IIM Indore?(Lagaan)Philip Morris produces many of the world’s best-selling cigarette brands, which include Marlboro, Benson & Hedges. Which is the parent company of Philip Morris?(Altiria Group) “Mortein”, “Harpic”, “Cherry Blossom” “Dettol” are brands under which company?(Reckitt Benckiser) Pop Star Britney Spears…

|P+| ~ Issue*5

The dose needs to be given regularly. Put the Brand-aid on! Here are the 20 pills for this week: The first product made by this company was a car record player. They gave themselves a name similar to the name of the market leader in record players in those days. Name the company and the rival Company(Motorola and Victrola) Which automobile brand is named after the Spanish word for `grace’?(MERCEDES—It was named after the daughter…

|P+| ~ Issue*4

On time-this time… Weekly collection of 20 Brand Pills and a P-Ad Dose 🙂Here they are… This Brand was acquired by Morepen in 2001. It was originally a brand of Boots Company PLC. What is the name of the brand?(Burnol) This company is famous for training Marketers. Steve Case,Steve Ballmer,Meg Whitman,Scott Cook,Jeff Immelt – all have, at one time, worked in this FMCG. Which company am I talking about?(P&G) Rapidex English course were the first…

|P+| ~ Issue*3

Am 2 days late. Here are the 20 brand pills for this week: What concept evolved from a major embarrassment that Frank McNamara faced in a restaurant while entertaining his clients?(Diners Club Credit Cards) A by-product of World War II was the discovery of this soap-like product by a famous consumer goods company. The product, made from a soap-like molecule without the potentially irritating alkaline element, is a ph-neutral, mild cleansing product. This product was…

|P+| ~ Issue*2

Next lot of my pick of some of the Interesting Brand Questions, compiled from various sources. In 2002, the US-based Bakery Manufacturers’ Association’s charts showed that this company G was rated as the largest selling glucose biscuit brand in the whole world in terms of volumes. Which Company is being referred?(The company is Parle G. The others – Oreo from Nabisco and McVities from UK-based United Biscuits)Which company, when associated with the popular TV Serial…

|P+| ~ Issue*1

Starting today, every week, I plan to put up a new Pill for the Market-eaters, er, Marketers! The weekly dose of 20-25 questions should fill your apetite. They call it “Brand Equity” – I call it “P+”…. Weekly dose to energize and rejuvenate your Brand Genes! Collected from various sources, here is the first set presented to you of P+: Large quantities of Sunlight soap had begun to be manufactured at the original Levers soap…

Brand Equity Quiz 2005

Citibank Chennai won the BEQ 2005(16th yr) with SBI as runners up, and Mudra 3rd.Few Questions I could manage to get…Ray Raymond created as an MBA school project – Victoria’s SecretThe Name of the Michigan graduate on Balaji Telefilms Board – Tushar KapoorExpansion of the acronym – BYOD-KM, coined by Steve Jobs recently introduced while launching the MacMini – Bring your own Display, Keyboard and Monitor – as the new, low-priced Macintosh computer comes without…

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