Happy Independence Day! It has been a long time since the last issue. I didn’t want […]
Another week! Another set of 20 Brand pills – the last one before I enter my […]
The dose needs to be given regularly. Put the Brand-aid on! Here are the 20 pills […]
On time-this time… Weekly collection of 20 Brand Pills and a P-Ad Dose 🙂Here they are… […]
Am 2 days late. Here are the 20 brand pills for this week: What concept evolved […]
Next lot of my pick of some of the Interesting Brand Questions, compiled from various sources. […]
Starting today, every week, I plan to put up a new Pill for the Market-eaters, er, […]
Citibank Chennai won the BEQ 2005(16th yr) with SBI as runners up, and Mudra 3rd.Few Questions […]