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You oughta know..Inbound Marketing …says Alanis Morissette!

Found an interesting creative at Ravi Kiran’s blog on Inbound Marketing – As a parody on the famous song by Alanis Morissette, “You oughta know” (watch the original Song here) , the musical takes you through the specifics of Inbound Marketing. Comparing with outbound marketing (TV Ads, Direct Mailers or cold calling), the creative ‘sings’ and musically conveys why and how inbound marketing is beneficial and how can it be made effective. The lyrics go…

The evolving cartoon – From Silent Spectator to Energetic Athlete! (India)

Cartoons and caricatures have long been one of the best modes of expression – to voice out the sentiment of the public, to express implicit reactions, and to use satire to get your point of view across. One strip that has done this wonderfully for generations (since 1961) has been RK Laxman’s most famous Common Man’s strip “You said it” – There was a time when we used to look forward to the daily strip…

The Advertiser and the Consumer – Breaking up!

How would you describe the relationship between Advertiser and the Consumer? A romantic couple flirting with each other or an irritated couple not getting along at all, ready to separate.. A recent campaign on this “Break up” personifies this very relationship, and wonderfully articulates the differences cropping between them. Have a look .. So, what exactly is the issue? – Agencies don’t realize that there is a problem and consumers don’t think that there is…

Error 404! Cannot find!

If you want to connect to your consumer, you need to talk to them in their language, using the tools they use, the forums they visit and communicate your differentiating point where it hits the most to them – in their own conditioned environment. Thanks to Martina (Rocco Stallvord, actually), I could identify yet another conditioned view that we come across more than a few times daily – Error 404 – Cannot find server! Basically,…

Tomato Juice in Margarita? Using B2C learnings in B2B space

Jason, from Centric, a media agency, had given an interesting perspective on the essentials of B2B branding, and certain misconceptions that marketers have, with regards to the techniques that qualify as B2B. In his post,The Key Failure of B2B Branding, Jason believes that most of the marketers consider B2B as a microcosm of B2C branding, and attempt to incorporate B2C marketing components in the B2B space, too. His innuendoes on how consumer marketers, specifically, Procter…

In-store Marketing Tactics – Simulation for Consumers, Stimulation for Marketers..

With the changing behavior of the consumers, and newer channels evolving, companies are fighting for consumer mindspace. More than that, and a step before, in fact, is the battle for catching attention and a portion of the eye span of the consumers – of getting attention towards your products, out of the clutter of consumer goods shelved along with you! This is the reason most companies use tactical measures at the final touch point –…

A waste of a brilliant effort…Samsung Electronics

Found this brilliant piece of work from Martina’s Blog This is one from Samsung, rather for Samsung, and emphasizes the compactness and sleakness of their models. The video, shot through microscopic lenses, and titled “Millimetres matter“, does put the point across quite effectively. However, the sad part is, it is not integrated with an online presence, to follow up or leverage the awe created by the ad. Martina has put across the points quite well…

Ogilvy’s Steps for Interactive Success

A nice article in imedia extends the previous theory of consumer engagement, and the emerging power of the consumer. Its stand: Consumer decides the manner and level to which she interacts with your brand. Fair enough. I had earlier discussed the new model of Consumer Engagement, and the 4 types of engagement that are part of the consumer decision making process. Thus, as part of evolving into a co-creative environment along with the consumer, a…

Getting Older quickly in your Current Job? Test it now!

A new campaign by Career Builder makes people introspect and find out how they would look if they stick to their current jobs… Called “Age-o-matic”, the campaign requires one to upload his/her photograph, and answer a few questions about the work culture a person has. Based on that, a “scientific” evaluation results in your modified photo – 50 years down the line – this is how you are going to look…. Incidentally, none of the…

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