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The curious case of Lota, Toilet Paper and Bidet – Who will be(or do) a complete Washout?

(this note has seven sections and is approx a 10 minute read) 1. Introduction Recently, the Internet was full of news of Toilet papers being hoarded and ‘Bidets’ becoming the most searched word in the US. Videos of people fighting and rushing to stock up toilet paper were getting shared across our current hangout ‘social’ zones. Did you wonder why this obsession with Toilet paper? Did you also find it bemusing to read about this,…

Excuse me, If I tell you how to wash your hands, will you buy my brand?

Who are you – the Aunt Next Door, the Funny Salesman or the Witty Ventriloquist? Are you part of the 70% of the world that is already fed up with this “Covid-19” and want to take your mind off it? Every article or webinar seems to be talking about how a new world will emerge after Coronavirus. While some of them are quite insightful, is it helping the cause of marketers and building sales or branding for them?

Hello WORLD, where are you looking for me – Netflix or Naughty-Flix?

How is half the world managing isolation? On one hand, anxiety levels are increasing, whereas, on the other, we have a lot more time than we anticipated. What is driving Entertainment in the topmost impacted countries, and our own? What is preferred – NetFlix or Porn or both? Study of patterns got some interesting insights and perspective on what people are actually searching for. If you are curious to know more, read on

Artificial Intelligence in Retail – A Swayamvar for Brands?

According to a new report by Accenture Strategy, Retailers and consumer goods companies could unlock $2.95 trillion in value for the industry and consumers over the next decade by accelerating digital transformation,  Investments in new, digitally-driven business models will give consumers greater choice around how they purchase goods and services and enable companies to deliver profitable, differentiated experiences.  Part of this Digital transformation entails brands hovering around the key influencers that are rapidly emerging out of new technologies. Very soon…

[MP] Indian Credit Card Industry – A Perspective

A question was asked a few days back on the Credit Card Industry in India, and how to market that in the Indian Markets. Based on the limited experience in the Credit Card Industry, following were some of the inputs I had to offer: My Response To study the Credit Card Industry in India, from my experience and perspective, you would need to tap the following resources and ideas: (a) There have been quite a…

…Bottles’ necks : Juicy Losses..

Last part in this series. After bottlenecks in the Airline Industry, we have a different kind of bottlenecks in the Juice Industry. Following data is taken from different sources: Of course, the biggest P is omnipresent. No one likes to part with it too easily 😉 Price: Pricing is one of the major worries. Says Executive Director (New Business) at Pepsi Foods, Subroto Chattopadhyay, “Price is a barrier to this category because when you give…

Pulp Fiction ..

Having spoken about the Industry and it’s Avant Garde, there are others also, who are expanding the pie, and demarking particular dimensions from it Leh Berry Compact International promoter D. K. Mittal was to meet the Director of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) one fine morning in Ladakh in connection with a tender for setting up some shelters for army personnel. During the meeting, the Director offered Mittal a drink made of an…

Summer Sensation.. “P Lo!”

This one took a little longer to compile, than I anticipated. An Overview of the players in another exciting market – The Packaged fruit juice market in India Let me start with the specifics: Total Size: 182 Million Liters Juice Market, 19mn packaged. Annual Growth Rate: 40-50% Major Players: Dabur, Pepsi, Leh Berry, Mother Dairy Driving Forces: product innovation, expanding market and increased consumer preference for healthy foods Current Market: Rs 110-crore Future Projections: Expected…

Another A of Airlines ….its Achilles Heel !

Yes, the 5th A of Airlines Till now, I spoke about the Marketing Strategies and the cost-control measures adopted . But, all is not goodie goodie about this industry. There are certain soft points, weaknesses, and loopholes, that have not been addressed, or are a side-effect of the cost-control measures. Air Deccan, which is part of helicopter charter specialists Deccan Aviation, started it’s operations in 2003, with an initial effort to connect the non-metros over…

Low-Cost Airlines – Look down, there goes the fare !

Plan to write a paper on the Low-cost airlines, provided I get a good mentor soon. The more I read about it, the more it interests me. Intend to cover the specifics of various airlines, the highs and lows, and the “Yes” and “No”s of this diverse Industry. Am not aware of the financials involved, so would need guidance on that too. As of now, this is what the Contents Table of the paper would…

Namaste Wal-mart.. Retail Indian Inc.

As anticipated, when there is so much activity going on in the biggest retail market in the world, how can the champion stay behind? As soon as the proposal of opening FDI in Retail has taken weight, the president of Wal-mart is planning on an Indian visit soon. A few days back, Wal-mart had spoken to the major FMCG firms sourcing to the retailers in India. Speaking of the Indian Retail industry, a latest whitepaper…

Offbeat Marketing ..from another P

A nice offbeat article on offbeat marketing, of an offbeat product in International Herald Tribune – World Music. Putamayo World Music.. ever heard the name? Well, I didnt…. and what a better name to learn from, than another P .. ;-D The co-founder, Dan Storper, goes around different parts of the world, distributing free CDs, which are a compilation of world music, clubbed with new and innovative features, and specific album covers, to ensure brand-recall….

Cut it ….

FMCG companies and the retailers are meeting again – “to cut the costs”. Same old clichéd statement and efforts. I think the entire industry knows that SCM is the bottleneck, and if the economy has to grow, the processes have to be streamlined. And when we say streamlined, it means one cannot proceed with thousands and thousands of “mom-and-Pop” stores, and the “Parchoonis”. First an effort has to be made at the back-end, like the…

Ad’em all … Soft Drink Ads

Ad-check on the current ads catering to the soft-drink market, specific to carbonated drinks segment. Just for the accounts, Total Soft Drinks market – Rs. 5000 Crore. Out of this market, Lime-lemon category constitutes almost 30 per cent. Pepsi launched “khoofiya” campaign with Saif, followed by Coca-cola‘s Thanda Aish-cash offer..This triggered the oye-bubbly mega campaign by Pepsi, the multi-mega starrer “Oye Bubbly” Campaign. Could Coke stay behind? Enter – the trumph card for Coke –…

Wal-mart in India?

Wal-Mart gets a feel of India from MNC Partners For the first time, the $288-billion company called on over 10 MNCs in the country – Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Frito Lays, P&G, Cadbury, Henkel, Nestle and others – to study the consumer behavior in the Indian markets. To know more about the buying habits of the Indian Consumer, the SCM in the markets and the margins. Main 3 RoI for Retailers are – Conversion Ratio, Footfalls and…

SoaPs Market…

Went to Subka Bazaar today, jotted down the soap collection offered by them. They have 21 brands in all: Mentioning the marketers also. Of course, the leader takes the chair…. Hindustan Lever Network (10) Breeze Lux Liril Dove Hamam Lifebouy (Care, Fresh, Strong) Pears Ayush Fair and Lovely Rexona Moti Others No Marks – Ozone Ayurvedics Palmolive – Colgate-Palmolive Savlon – Johnson & Johnson Jeeva – Jyothi Laborataries Santoor – Wipro Ltd. Dettol – Reckitt…

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