Addressing the ‘roots’ of the STEM career. Imagine you were invited to a friend’s 5-year old […]
(this note has seven sections and is approx a 10 minute read) 1. Introduction Recently, the […]
Who are you – the Aunt Next Door, the Funny Salesman or the Witty Ventriloquist? Are you part of the 70% of the world that is already fed up with this “Covid-19” and want to take your mind off it? Every article or webinar seems to be talking about how a new world will emerge after Coronavirus. While some of them are quite insightful, is it helping the cause of marketers and building sales or branding for them?
How is half the world managing isolation? On one hand, anxiety levels are increasing, whereas, on the other, we have a lot more time than we anticipated. What is driving Entertainment in the topmost impacted countries, and our own? What is preferred - NetFlix or Porn or both? Study of patterns got some interesting insights and perspective on what people are actually searching for. If you are curious to know more, read on
According to a new report by Accenture Strategy, Retailers and consumer goods companies could unlock $2.95 trillion in value for […]
An interesting and critical link to understand the challenges faced by Organized retailers in India, and […]
A question was asked a few days back on the Credit Card Industry in India, and […]
Last part in this series. After bottlenecks in the Airline Industry, we have a different kind […]
Having spoken about the Industry and it’s Avant Garde, there are others also, who are expanding […]
This one took a little longer to compile, than I anticipated. An Overview of the players […]
Yes, the 5th A of Airlines Till now, I spoke about the Marketing Strategies and the […]
Plan to write a paper on the Low-cost airlines, provided I get a good mentor soon. […]
As anticipated, when there is so much activity going on in the biggest retail market in […]
A nice offbeat article on offbeat marketing, of an offbeat product in International Herald Tribune – […]
FMCG companies and the retailers are meeting again – “to cut the costs”. Same old clichéd […]
Ad-check on the current ads catering to the soft-drink market, specific to carbonated drinks segment. Just […]
Wal-Mart gets a feel of India from MNC Partners For the first time, the $288-billion company […]
Went to Subka Bazaar today, jotted down the soap collection offered by them. They have 21 […]