A boy found a girl - the girl liked the boy. They flirted for a while, and very soon, things got serious. What happens next? Depending upon when you were born, most likely you would have an obvious next step in your mind
..the biases ..the stereotypes ..the perceptions ..the others in you No this is not a note […]
According to popular language, an Indian Head Massage, as its called, helps release stress accumulating in […]
Legs are not an uncommon ‘prop’ to be used in advertising. Be it for epilators, skin […]
You can always learn creativity from Car Ads – they have something new to offer everytime […]
While I spend my time in getting something interesting on Christ, I found this interesting ambient […]
A great outdoor for Colgate on ensuring High Brand Recall and effectively communicating the benefits. Created […]
Bumped into another nice creative on Durex (had earlier posted an out of the box piece […]
I am not an ardent follower of advertising agencies – I simply admire their creativity, and […]
Ask anyone about China, and more often than not, you would get few catch words like […]
Found this nice piece of creativity at advertising for peanuts. A fine example of how simple […]
Caution: Even though it may seem to have, and may provide additional incentives for window-blog-visitors, this […]
Boredstop had a nice billboard published sometime back. A strong way to communicate the “risks” involved […]
How many times have you hummed a tune, which you really liked, only to realize that […]
How would you describe the relationship between Advertiser and the Consumer? A romantic couple flirting with […]
Found a nice piece of Ad on this week’s Best Ads for Remember Credit Card. A […]
Nopes, it is not a rigid male-chauvinistic I-care-balls-about-the-world kind of attitude reflection, but the latest global […]