Folger’s coffee has another medium of advertising in New York City – Manholes!Printed on Vinyl and […]
I had earlier spoken about Fitness centres using innovative application of traditional media – Billboards. That […]
I am amazed at the pace the Indian advertising is going at. The creative juices undoubtedly […]
Thanks to a tip from Ilya Vedrashko at Billboard, I found a whole new dimension of […]
Last week, Chief Post Master General of Maharashtra Circle, K Noorjehan, released a special Lifebuoy Swasthya […]
Though this article is done with its round of Blog-attention almost 2 months back, I could […]
A small portion of the glocal strategies used by Nike the world over:In Mexico, Nike strongly […]
A unique and interesting element of the coastal Ghana communities, that has been present for generations […]
It is no longer an exaggeration when one reads that Advertisers are trying to capitalize on […]
A new advergame has been launched for First Defence, a nasal spray that fights colds at […]
I recently read about a unique tradition in China, which could be leveraged by the Marketing […]
An innovative method of outdoor Advertising in Europe by Schweppes – placing Schweppes bottles in lakes […]
I have earlier talked about various segments of Women Consumers: Women in the IT sector, women […]
A recent series of hoardings led me to delve into a very unique trend specific to […]
My Paper on “Restructuring of Indian Firms for catering to Emerging Markets” recently got published on […]
I have been discussing Smoking and cigarettes quite a bit (2 entries to be precise). I […]
An insightful research paper by Dr Andrea Wojnicki, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Rotman School of […]
EPICA-Awards hosts some of the best ads globally. I had earlier talked about Gandhi Ads (Telecom) […]
If you think Rural Markets is all about painted buffaloes and uninformed and uneducated farmers, think […]
A few months back, I had mentioned a unique collection of cigarette packaging on Jim’s Burnt […]
According to a research conducted by Itamar Simonson, Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of […]
An excellent ambient piece by Leo Burnett, Bangkok on Rejoice Conditioners. The message on the comb, […]
This entry was triggered by a session yesterday in the Marketing class on Innovative uses in […]
Another Blood Donation Campaign? Yes it is. But this one is different. No, it still tells […]
Customized products for Valentine’s Day have already started floating in the market. And this is one […]
Loads of re-branding has been happening in India. After Indian Airlines and Hutch rebranding, it is […]
Intense competition between fast-food outlets worldwide prompted McDonald’s to shift away from a standardized menu and […]
The latest entry into the Blog world is the famous venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. In his […]
Its hit almost every newspaper by now. – Starbucks* won the case and Shanghai based Xingbake […]
I really admire people who have a passion for Advertising. But it is a different thing […]
This is my 100th post on Read between the Ps.For many bloggers, 100 posts is nothing. […]
Ever thought of personifying an ice-cream? Did someone ever ask you …if you were an Ice-cream, […]
Have been browsing through a lot of Billboards today. This one is for KitKat and once […]
Leoburnett has developed some special unconventional pieces of Advertising for Y+ Yoga centre. There are two […]
McCann Erickson has made an excellent creative for Heal Foundation of India on “Child Labour”.Have a […]
Laura Ries has presented an interesting perspective on the tagging of Atlanta as “Every Day is […]
Business Standard featured an article on CDMA handsets being sold through vegetable vendors in Rural India. […]
Tomorrow would be the completion of one full year of the biggest disaster to hit South […]
You have thought of a brilliant idea and a cracker of a concept and you know […]
This campaign for Economic Times is almost one-and-half years old. But the idea is still striking […]
A new campaign by ITC Hotels entails a creative on Mona Lisa. Advertised under the theme […]
A recent viral campaign by FedEx has been launched in Europe, key Middle East markets and […]
Having talked about Levi’s Europe and Levi’s US, next in the series is my very own […]
Hit upon an Indian advertising blog “How Advertising Spoiled Me” by Arvind R from Chennai. The […]
Coca-Cola Company recently launched its global advertising campaign with the theme “Welcome to the Coke side […]
In an article in Information week, which was subsequently covered by American Marketing Association, the gender […]
In some countries McDonalds is considered to be the scapegoat for few xenophobic morons. But in […]
In the 2nd December Issue of Business Standard, Columnist Madhukar Sabnavis, Board Partner-Discovery and Strategy, O&M […]
I had discussed the kind of advertising that Levi’s is doing in Europe, and was planning […]
A nice perspective on Marketing to Women Online by Holly on How to Lose Sales in […]