Today is the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin – hit upon the event through the Google […]
A great outdoor for Colgate on ensuring High Brand Recall and effectively communicating the benefits. Created […]
Found an interesting effort-intenstive Outdoor campaign on Anti-Smoking. Created by O&M Lima, for their client Liga […]
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I never knew that there is such a bad Housing Crisis in France until this strong […]
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I am not an ardent follower of advertising agencies – I simply admire their creativity, and […]
The previous phase is moving to its closure – the phase that ignored the Ps – […]
Cartoons and caricatures have long been one of the best modes of expression – to voice […]
There are some campaigns that get your attention and your “share of wallets” as well – […]
I have earlier talked about the problems of deprived children and the solutions that the marketing […]
I just read some quite interesting facts about how the brains of women work, but there […]
Time has passed. Things have moved ahead. But the “Chinese Irony” still remains at the top […]
Ask anyone about China, and more often than not, you would get few catch words like […]
FMCG Industry in India is witnessing a change – a change in the pattern in which […]
Whenever a new medium emerges, marketers run behind it, exploiting it till the time it is […]
This blog has been sleeping for long now…pretty long! Maybe the blogger too. Atleast that is […]
Another 45-day hiatus… No reasons and no explanations. Priorities entailed a different orientation. Period. However, passion […]
Most of us would have felt most of the time that though we have the minimum […]
Recently came across the Power 150 list from Adage – Some of the Best Marketing Blogs […]
Indian consumers are quickly moving out of the “neighborhood kirana-stores” mindset and getting acculturated to organized […]
Found this nice piece of creativity at advertising for peanuts. A fine example of how simple […]
Caution: Even though it may seem to have, and may provide additional incentives for window-blog-visitors, this […]
Guess the seemingly consistently inconsistent behavior of irregular blogging has been all the more apparent, and […]
Boredstop had a nice billboard published sometime back. A strong way to communicate the “risks” involved […]
How many times have you hummed a tune, which you really liked, only to realize that […]
How would you describe the relationship between Advertiser and the Consumer? A romantic couple flirting with […]
I have earlier discussed about Engagement marketing and Media Engagement in detail. Another facet of Engagement […]
If you want to connect to your consumer, you need to talk to them in their […]
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The latest edition of Harvard Business Review (June 2007) has a small note on how employees […]
A powerful & provocative ad that reflects upon the condition of the refugees, who are forced […]
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With the changing behavior of the consumers, and newer channels evolving, companies are fighting for consumer […]
Found a nice piece of Ad on this week’s Best Ads for Remember Credit Card. A […]
Last year, the agency won the Grand Prix at Cannes for their “Honda Grr” Commercial. This […]
I had earlier posted a collated list of the Economist Ads that appeared around 18 months […]
A recent article in Adage, P&G Primes Its Pinpoint Marketing discusses how the world’s largest consumer […]
Thanks to Adcritic’s latest print issue, found a unique competition aimed at creating something for the […]
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Greg Verdino predicts six trends in media that would dominate the media mix of companies in […]
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Mobile Marketing is no longer an emerging concept. It is a buzz word being talked about […]
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Social Campaigns and protests might not give a comfortable feeling around, considering that in India, it […]
Found a nice piece of ad in the latest edition of Harvard Business Review. Following the […]
China is there in almost every 2nd line of news pieces when it comes to global […]