Addressing the ‘roots’ of the STEM career. Imagine you were invited to a friend’s 5-year old […]
A boy found a girl - the girl liked the boy. They flirted for a while, and very soon, things got serious. What happens next? Depending upon when you were born, most likely you would have an obvious next step in your mind
Have you ever met or chatted with someone with Down Syndrome? Some of you might have […]
(this note has seven sections and is approx a 10 minute read) 1. Introduction Recently, the […]
“What’s in a name? That which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as […]
Who are you – the Aunt Next Door, the Funny Salesman or the Witty Ventriloquist? Are you part of the 70% of the world that is already fed up with this “Covid-19” and want to take your mind off it? Every article or webinar seems to be talking about how a new world will emerge after Coronavirus. While some of them are quite insightful, is it helping the cause of marketers and building sales or branding for them?
How is half the world managing isolation? On one hand, anxiety levels are increasing, whereas, on the other, we have a lot more time than we anticipated. What is driving Entertainment in the topmost impacted countries, and our own? What is preferred - NetFlix or Porn or both? Study of patterns got some interesting insights and perspective on what people are actually searching for. If you are curious to know more, read on
As we build stories of our life, there’s a book being built, chapter by chapter. Each […]
How do you stay optimistic in a globally pessimistic environment? How do you ensure you stay curious and keep learning, at the same time, stay committed to your daily work?
..the biases ..the stereotypes ..the perceptions ..the others in you No this is not a note […]
It is that day of the year when you can only see one color – the […]
Traveling to the other side of the world is a rarity when you marry yourself into […]
According to popular language, an Indian Head Massage, as its called, helps release stress accumulating in […]
Almost every youngster I have met looking at the next big thing wants to work in […]
What if someone gave away the secret of living for more than 100 years to you? […]
Playing the old classic patriotic songs with every flag hoisting, the emerging innovative combination of saffron, […]
Spending money on a full-page print ad is definitely noticeable. You spend a lot of money […]
In the three decades since Tommy Hilfiger founded his eponymous label, the fashion landscape has changed […]
The Cola Wars in 1990s were well known – with both multinationals (Pepsi and Coca Cola) […]
Raksha Bandhan marks the commencement of the Festive Season in this part of the world. It […]
According to a new report by Accenture Strategy, Retailers and consumer goods companies could unlock $2.95 trillion in value for […]
Marketing should have an ROI – or shouldn’t it?An article from the recent publication of Harvard […]
Most men would have cribbed about the shopping obsession of the women in their lives (not […]
Every year this time, some strong force of energy pushes me to introspect about my passion […]
Jonah Berger explains what it takes for ideas to be contagious in his bestseller of 2013. […]
The fingers are indifferently dancing on the letters…the keyboard is double minded…..the eyes are reviewing dispassionately….as […]
Call it Gift Economy, “Pay it forward” or selfless, or just Social Impact – it has […]
Legs are not an uncommon ‘prop’ to be used in advertising. Be it for epilators, skin […]
Interesting initiative by the western railway – hopefully some creativity might help travelers become a bit […]
Guilty as charged!It is time to ‘reflect’ upon ourselves Dekh le tu dekhtey……Kaisa Dikhta hai!Brilliant Campaign!
eCommerce is one industry, where the word ‘returns‘ has various connotations – right from the order […]
Since the time P&G focused on moms, the creative+Emotional quotient has been inspiring, to say the least. […]
2 months after my promise of ‘expression’ in 2010, there are barely 4 entries – from […]
Sometimes, words are too less to describe a campaign – but this campaign should inspire a […]
If someone called your plan ridiculous, read this note from Seth Godin – and see if you […]
It’s 11:11 on 11.11.11 – an auspicious moment to do something significant.  So what is that […]
Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. Months…. I have kept the count, the count of “inactiveness”, but that’s […]
You can always learn creativity from Car Ads – they have something new to offer everytime […]
Holly would always come up with something that inspires you – that triggers that naughty bug […]
If you are into creatives, you would know (more) – Chicks, Children, Canines and Cigarettes – […]
Can cuteness sell? Well, in case of puppy lovers, it can –for a new commercial of […]
Just realized that I still haven’t posted the post on Tiger Woods, that I had been […]
When you see the world’s biggest retailer teaming up with the world’s largest FMCG Company for […]
An interesting way to keep your price-conscious consumers stuck to you – Employing a pricing tactic […]
This Christmas, St Mattews Church (Auckland, New Zealand) decided to celebrate in a different way – […]
While I spend my time in getting something interesting on Christ, I found this interesting ambient […]
One has to muster a lot of courage to write about pain. It is easy to […]
A billboard by a Dutch Health club that makes you conscious of your weight. Though it […]
An interesting and critical link to understand the challenges faced by Organized retailers in India, and […]
A great post by Vanessa on Social Media – a 101 on Web 2.0 actually. Going […]