As we build stories of our life, there’s a book being built, chapter by chapter. Each chapter has a theme, a story of its own – sometimes connected to the previous or next chapter, sometimes not.

The characters and worldviews might keep changing in every chapter, but the protagonist remains the same – YOU.

Some chapters are boring, some emotional – some happy, some hurtful. Some arouse you, some get flipped quickly.

The beauty of this story of life is that you don’t know which chapter will be the last for you.
So there is a high likelihood that there might be an unfinished chapter.

Lucky are those who almost reach the end of the book with all chapters intact. Some of us even get the time to edit the chapters before publishing them. But this is one book that can’t be edited.

If you have interesting chapters – chapters that make you get that feeling of ‘completeness’ or ‘having read something worthwhile’ or increases your curiosity to know more – even if there is an unfinished chapter, it doesn’t feel incomplete – the book is probably incomplete but not unfinished.

What if it had chapters that probably did not have any take away and the reader could still make do by skipping it altogether?
Shouldn’t one then ensure that the chapter is fun and interesting to read? Meaningful, even though appropriate, might be a heavy word to recommend!

And if you think you don’t have stories to write – download Evernote. Every new note on Evernote starts with “Untitled Note” – every note starts with a blank slate – just like a new chapter. It’s our choice how to tag it nicely and have fun.

Incidentally, watched a talk by Doug Dietz on how he applied Empathy and Design Thinking for MRI machines – while that’s a topic for later, one statement really inspired me..

If you are not having fun, it’s half your fault

So add fun, write interesting chapters and make a book worth publishing. If nothing else, it should make an interesting read.
Keep writing. Keep shining – for when Heliophilia and Bibliophilia come together, a logophile is born!

Hence proved! 😉

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