According to popular language, an Indian Head Massage, as its called, helps release stress accumulating in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, neck and shoulders. It is best done using Coconut Oil.
What is the first brand that comes to mind for Coconut Oil? Did you just imagine a blue bottle?

Now, What if you demand love through a head massage? And I am not alluding to the south-east asian nation which has been typecasted as the best combination of love and massage! This one is closer home and in a far cleaner context.

Relationships that are lost in our busy lives – a touch of a Head Massage takes it away.

Parachute’s “Thoda Love Jatao” is being advertised heavily on YouTube. Unlikely that you would have missed it if you would have opened YouTube today!
Here is a summary of the context around the campaign as per its website, Parachute Advansed –

Your sister called but you were too busy & couldn’t talk. Dinner with family is more about which TV show to watch. It is easier to message birthday wishes to your friend than give them a call. Life is becoming busier & better, but isn’t it making our relationships drier?
Often the people we’re closest to are the ones we take for granted. Parachute Advansed believes, be it hair or relationships, regular love & investment is the only way to keep them beautiful. As they say, a little love, goes a long way.

Sab kuch nikhar jaata hai thoda love jataane se
Toh aaj ek kadam badhao, Thoda Love Jatao.

Leveraging relationships and reciprocating the care of those around us is a strong cue these days, leveraged by a lot of brands. But with some great execution and a recallable tagline, the campaign is commendable.

As a market leader, Parchute Advansed’s market share has to come from other category entry points where it is not present currently. This is reinforced in its latest Investor Presentation (May 2017), where Marico has called out double digital volume growth in medium term in the Hair Oil category, through 4 key drivers – Creating more occasions of use, promote dual usage, expanding rural reach and packaging innovations.

Reaching out to our lost relationships is a potential occasion of use, given that there are frequent occurences of these cues in our lives. Its Magic of Warmth campaign enabled the category (VAHO as it is called – Value Added Hair Oil) growth that was encouraging for the company to drive the insight further. In a category largely dominated by Aayurveda and regional brands, this initiative could be disruptive.

Head Massage and Chumpi have been a strong imagery for Marico’s competition as well. Navratna’s “Thanda Thanda Cool Cool” has a strong association towards heat and stress, even though its recent campaigns focus more on functional elements (Navratna Ad). Similarly, Dabur leverages the typical mother-daughter relationship, though in reverse! (Dabur Ad)

Even though head massage is not uncommon to be used by hair oil brands, head massage in an emotional context is an opportunity. Marico’s effort to drive more usage leveraging emotional associations is, therefore, surely a potential disruptor.

So if you have just fought with your spouse or parent, pick up a bottle of Parachute and go and Jatao some Love. But just be careful not to use only ‘Love’ and ‘Massage’ together – open Youtube and play any of these ads before they slap you off!

Image Sources – Indian Head Massage, Thoda Love Jatao, Screenshots of Ads on YouTube

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