Raksha Bandhan marks the commencement of the Festive Season in this part of the world. It is followed by a multitude of ‘celebration points’ for people, a formal excuse to party, celebrate or, in most cases, hog guilt-free!
It also marks the ‘season’ for ad agencies and a great time for any marketing student to sit back and admire the level of creativity around you!
While most of them are short-lived and are only limited to creative admiration, post the event (Raksha Bandhan), some of them rightly deserve a big aPPlause!

Here is a snapshot of the recent creatives around Raksha Bandhan – worth browsing and getting carried away! Exchange4Media and Afaqs

A specific set of ads caught my attention last night – How do you showcase what you have by articulating what you don’t have? What is the best combination to drive a strong emotive appeal? Ask Ogilvy & Mather and they would surely send you these links – the recent ones they made for Amazon.

In 2016, O&M sent out this campaign for Raksha Bandhan

The film features an elderly man packing his travel bag while his son looks on, when his anxious son suggests that if he wants to gift his sister something, he should order it from Amazon. The older man explains why he’s making the trip. His sister doesn’t have teeth, he tells his son, and when she puts on her dentures, her smile is priceless. If he books a gift online, the gift will reach his sister but he won’t be able to see that smile. Message – ‘Is Raksha Bandhan, hum gift toh pahucha denge, but pyaar toh aap hi ko pahunchana padega’ (We’ll deliver the gift for Raksha Bandhan, but only you can deliver the love).

This year, the brand has an elderly woman explaining to her grandson the reason behind her brother gifting her jamuns every year. The boy pokes fun at the stinginess of the man and claims that with Amazon around, he need not even step out to get her a gift and can deviate from the jamuns. The lady explains the significance of the gift; her brother would steal jamuns for her from a nearby tree, and was even caught a couple of times in the process.  

So what is common? An explosive recipe of Oldies (Culture) + Memories + Emotional connect. Can anything be ‘Love’-lier?
A persuasive ad, with the key associations, yet not a direct call-to-action, but an emotional connect. Probably this will reinforce the brand recall further. Not to undermine the consistency in the message as well.

Only you have what you have what your sister really wants! See the video here – #Deliverthelove

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