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The Return of…Marketing Investments (ROMI)

Marketing should have an ROI – or shouldn’t it?An article from the recent publication of Harvard Business Review  (July 25th) by Amy Gallo highlights the right manner of driving the ROI from Marketing Investments. Though the article is largely generic, it does highlight the biggest challenge in calculating ROI from Marketing initiatives – what we should include in ‘returns’! As per Amy,One of the downsides of marketing ROI is that it is easy to only…

The mathematics of Indulgence

Most men would have cribbed about the shopping obsession of the women in their lives (not just wives!).Men, who study consumers, (and not just their women) would describe this as ‘retail therapy’ – how you shop when you are stressed. Women shop when they are stressed. A student of CAT preparation would apply deductive reasoning or syllogisms on these statements and conclude that Women are mostly stressed! (Wonder why is this not mentioned in any nuptial…

Weekend Home or Walking out Naked

Every year this time, some strong force of energy pushes me to introspect about my passion for writing – as if part of me is still incomplete and it is high time that I do something beyond brooding to get it moving. Over the past few years, this introspection has entailed virtually one post reinforcing my commitment followed by few ramblings, followed by another resolve, and then few more ramblings, and so on, till the excitement tapers…

Perspectives of a Passionate Marketer

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2020 Reading Challenge
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