The fingers are indifferently dancing on the letters…the keyboard is double minded…..the eyes are reviewing dispassionately….as if all of them are staring at me questioning in unison..

Are you sure you are going to press the publish button today? Or is this going to stay like hundreds of those previous attempts that kept sitting in drafts till they became too archaic to publish, eventually succumbing to redundancy? Is this blog going to be another of those ‘vegetative’ ones?

Not Yet!

So – Maybe this doesn’t make sense. Maybe this is out of turn. Maybe this is not worth a post at all. But its that tiny little itch that just made a hole and peeped out of the big black box called “busy life”, inching its space out…..merely whispering that yes – I am inside, and am urging to come out. Yes, I have stories to tell and I have patterns to fill – and I am about to jump out.

I will make some space soon, and I am putting my heart and soul to keep pushing – and pushing till I make my way out and shouting loud – hey life! For every million of NOs I told myself – here is one YES.

Gearing up to oil the engine, repairing the tyres, adjusting the steering…..just a little more push is needed maybe!

Determined yet a bit skeptical. There are times one has to take a hard call and let go – when that’s the only choice you make….but this time for this place has not come.

Not yet!

Lets Restart. For I am not done.
Not done to Let go of this passion of reading the world through my eyes
Not done to stop learning as I keep sharing – not to increase readers, but for the joy of sharing
Not done to stop reading – reading between the Ps around me……

Not yet!

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