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Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. Months…. I have kept the count, the count of “inactiveness”, but that’s not all what I have done about it. The silence here has been duly compensated for, outside this forum. Change has been partnering with me for quite some time now.
Change – of location, from the lazy Delhi to the hyperactive Mumbai, from the insecure bachelor to the responsible family man, from the cushy professional to the struggling entrepreneur and from the fantasizing planner to the realistic doer.
Few more hours and I shall complete 3 decades on this planet. Not an easy thing to digest the fact, when the ten’s digit of your age changes.

As I move forward, few things are nearing closure, and few things beginning to take shape.

Last birthday as a bachelor, Last month as a ‘single’ status, Last time to feel am still in the twenties, Last 20 days to marriage, Last few days of abysmal revenues
First company to be proud of, First setup I can call my own, First sale in 4 digits, First DPIN number, First TIN number, First designation as a “founder”, First instance of being called a CEO, First testimonial from a consumer, First sign of translating my dream into reality – and putting bricks and tables on it
The firsts and lasts would continue to be listed. But the optimistic in you realizes that more often than not, the “firsts” would be more than the “lasts”, and that is how we move on. Interims would be remembered and forgotten as well. The days would go ahead, and translate into successes and failures. The journey continues.
However, something will stay where it is. This dormant partner shall get up again. The phoenix shall rise, maybe not for revenge, but maybe, just a laxative, to help me digest, that life is moving, and the clock is ticking.

The ship of my dream has set sail, when the sun shines for a brighter new day, and the sea roars shouting out loudly the endless opportunities it offers. The journey continues..
Your blessings, dad, and your support. Love you
The mind is no longer in Ps (peace!). It is time I begin from where it paused. Its time I fuel the engine, and it makes some noise. It is time I break the Ps around me, and read…read between the Ps.

8 Replies to “Ready…Get Set…One decade…two decades .. three decades…GO!”

  1. I am still a couple of years short from being three decades on the planet, but the feelings in the post co-exist…Good to know someone else also feels the same as I do, just can articulate it better than I ever will be able to!!!
    Best of Luck

  2. Very bang on to the retrospective ponder specifc to 3rd decaders. Its always great to hear from you, even if you write after an year 🙂

    All the best, you already showed guts and faith. Wish the dreams have the flight duly due to them.

    I loved the First vs Last concept. Coming up with these perspectives is what makes you so unique.

  3. Thanks a ton, Jas. I feel quite honored, whenever you come over and visit this little place 🙂

    Please keep visiting more often – I would do my best to put in something worth giving a thought 🙂

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