Just realized that I still haven’t posted the post on Tiger Woods, that I had been working on for almost 2 weekends. Actually, I was too busy with my social media world and trying to exercise.

That’s why, when I glanced through a campaign which is a mix of social media and Gymming, it had to be posted here. Have a look at this campaign, and if you are a regular at Facebook, twitter or messenger, you would realize that it does reflect the situation around most of us.

The tagline reads as “What you leave out of Twitter, put it into Gold’s Gym” or “What you leave out of Facebook, put it into Gold’s Gym

Very well connected with the Couch Potato Gen Y! That’s what Social Media does to us. So you have an option – for those who are too lazy or busy for crunches, learn how to crop your pics! 🙂 Others can choose Gold’s Gym!

Few more examples on what you can do with your pics (Messenger editing and Cropping) (for those looking for some tips)

[Advertising Agency: jotabequ Grey, San José, Costa Rica, Print Ads-Twitter, Messenger, Facebook]

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