While I spend my time in getting something interesting on Christ, I found this interesting ambient from Coca-Cola’s Shelf.

Had earlier talked about Coke’s “Happiness Factory” campaign almost 3 years back
– the best part is it is still one of most talked about global campaigns in the advertising world!

The new ambient “Happiness Machine” clearly calls out Coca-Cola as a source of happiness – its just that is the vending machine now which vends out happiness, in the form of foodie (mostly) surprises!

Put together by Definition 6 , an interactive marketing agency based out of Atlanta, this one is about putting a vending machine in a college canteen, that gives out surprises – much more than what you order for. So, students inserting a coin for a coke, not only get that coke, but also more cokes or flowers or even burgers/pizzas along with it. In fact, some of them are ‘vended’ out by hand as well!

An interesting campaign. It doesn’t matter if it is staged or actual or if the “venditions” are for free or not – what matters is the idea behind it, and the fact that the gestures do earn a smile from you! Kudos to the creative guys (Paul Iannacchino) sitting up there !

Nicely articulated at Ad Freak – the ambient “ties in seamlessly with the “Happiness Factory” TV work and overall brand theme, and proves once again that college kids will eat literally anything, no questions asked”

First there was Happiness Factory, then Happiness Hub and now, we have Happiness Machine – looks like we have a whole Happiness Plant being setup by Coke! So, Whats next? ‘Happiness Candies’? 😉 And what happens when we have ‘Happiness Failures’? 🙂

By the way, a nice collection of Coca-Cola Advertising around the globe at its parent site.
And in case you want to read more on the “Happiness Factory” – glance through this link
[via You Tube, Creativity Online]

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