Found an interesting creative at Ravi Kiran’s blog on Inbound Marketing

As a parody on the famous song by Alanis Morissette, “You oughta know” (watch the original Song here) , the musical takes you through the specifics of Inbound Marketing. Comparing with outbound marketing (TV Ads, Direct Mailers or cold calling), the creative ‘sings’ and musically conveys why and how inbound marketing is beneficial and how can it be made effective.

The lyrics go like “Marketing is like torture as they hang up on you”, “Cold Calls, Direct Mail and TV Ads fail” and “Every time I try to sell, did you know they say you go to hell”. With details like SEO, inbound links, blogging, landing pages, tagging content, and page rankings – the song says it all…..truly, something, we oughta know!

A nice way to use parody to talk about a theoretical topic and explain it so well – Kudos to the creator Rebecca Corliss, of Hub Spot

Incidentally, this creative took me to Hub Spot – An excellent blog on Inbound marketing – worth going in detail and learning about the concept. If you are using online marketing as part of your professional efforts, you can go there before me 🙂

[Via Bright Secrets and You Tube]

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