Bumped into another nice creative on Durex (had earlier posted an out of the box piece and another creative ambient. Whatever the brand signifies, I really appreciate the out-of-the-box ideas the agency (Fitzgerald + Co, from Atlanta) comes up with.

From a creator’s perspective, it seems like someone built upon his “pervert” cells while playing with the product in the office…can visualize someone playing with these pieces, and doing different interesting things with it to attempt a creative…

Must say, nice output – you DID IT…the creative I mean 🙂
(seems like your “pervert” cells never stop working, eh?)

Here is the link to the ad. Have a nice watch….Parental Guidance advised!

By the way, do you know where did the brand derive its name from? “durability, reliability and excellence” 🙂

[Via Martina’s Adverblog]

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  1. レイバン RB3025とは、どういうシリーズのモデルですか?クラシックメタルシリーズに属するというのを見たが、それがまた別のレイバン モデルに属しているらしい。レイバン サングラスが詳しい方、ぜひ教えて下さい!

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