I am not an ardent follower of advertising agencies – I simply admire their creativity, and respect the marked improvement agencies have made in the quality of their work. However, rarely have I seen agencies applying their own creativity on themselves. So when I noticed this piece from Rediffusion, Mumbai, I could not stop talking about it.

The ad is for the promotion of the yearly Brand Equity Agency Reckoner, published by Economic Times to enlist advertising agencies, rating them across relevant parameters, relative to each other.

The event has built a blog as well around it, but does not pick anything exciting from the ad circles. It would have definitely created more buzz, had it been built more strongly, and engaged a larger audience. There are other interesting ads as well uploaded on the blog, that reflect an out-of-the-box attempt – However, this one is definitely an impressive one

For now, look at the “Fox Pass” of the advertising world – the biggest blunders made in common work life of agencies – an interesting list for sure. By the way, how many of these blunders do you yourself commit even today? (I do 5!)

More on the event can be read at ET

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