The previous phase is moving to its closure – the phase that ignored the Ps – the phase that did not have a place for this expression. As a result, even though a conscious effort was made to keep the breathing alive – I knew this was in a semi-conscious state. The phase isn’t yet over, but the closure is visible – not the end of this phase, but definitely the beginning of another.

The phase was full of reflection – of establishing an identity within a system – and then, of forming a framework that breathes its life of its own – of revival of a white elephant. Now, as it begins breathing on its own – as it moves closer to forming a self-sustaining system – it is time for one to pause, take a deep breath, and reflect….

The old set of challenges would drift away and new ones would emerge – priorities would always remain priorities – and as long as passions are attached to those priorities – they won’t come down – they would always be cleped as “top priorities”. But at the point of reflection – one needs to realize that perspectives matter – perspectives that ignite passion to express – for me as a blogger, and you as a reader – passion to absorb beyond the obvious – passion to build that extra brick of perspective over anything that excites you – and then, sometimes, proudly claim that brick to be yours – it is this passion that is being tested now – a test that would truly and deeply be judged by you – by me, and by the very nature of itself – the test that rightly shall earn back its own identity, the test that was once called – “Read Between the Ps”!

So, here is another attempt to come out of the cycle of enforced P of priorities – and move towards the P of perspective on the P of my passions 🙂

P.S. – If you cannot make sense of anything mentioned above – its good – I never wanted you to! 🙂

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