There are some campaigns that get your attention and your “share of wallets” as well – and there are some campaigns that manage to just get your attention, but get ignored by the latter.

Most of these campaigns get your attention, not because of the brand, but because of their innovative execution & excellent creatives – very few, however, of them manage to ensure even the brand recall at the end of it. Such campaigns, at best, can be appreciated and blogged about, and that’s where they stay for most part of their lives (till the time they get archived!)..

One such campaign is for AT&T coverage, done by BBDO Atlanta/New York, titled “the best coverage of any carrier worldwide” – Have a look at the set of 6 creatives, representing various “exceptional” geographies in which AT&T is present (200 to be specific) – China, India, Japan, Zimbabwe, Jamaica and Egypt.

Undoubtedly, one of the finest work of art I have seen till now – a perfect blend of mapping geographies with stereotypes / indicators – ensuring instant connect with the country. Unfortunately, however, that is where the recall ends, and there is no semblance with the brand per se.

They probably could not catch the signal of this one, eh? 😉

[Source: Ads of the world]

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