Time has passed. Things have moved ahead. But the “Chinese Irony” still remains at the top of my entries. Maybe, a lot of entries have assumed so much importance before, but this one seemed to hurt a little more than the previous ones. At least when I was offered to sell my blog because it seemed I am no longer interested in it!!

Well, no more sabbatical for this blog – maybe a few off days would be more of the norm as my understanding goes – more of the professional calling if so. But no so long that I am made another selling offer! No way.

So much to say – I am out of the box, and thinking!

Taking the out of the box and thinking part forward, this is a nice piece that leverages today’s occasion of Father’s day wonderfully, to ensure a strong recall, even though, it hits out at its competition. This piece has been doing the ad-blog rounds for quite some time, since I have seen this print before as well. Nonetheless, worth picking it up again – maybe to get cues on more creative ideas!

The print ad by Durex condom reads, “To all those who use our competitors’ products: Happy Father’s Day

Smart out-of-the box thinking!

[Via Ad Punch]

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