This blog has been sleeping for long now…pretty long! Maybe the blogger too. Atleast that is what I have been hearing, and getting comments about.

On one hand, it is great to find regulars visiting my den, even during its dormant days (months!) but on the other hand, the sleep has been fairly long now…probably a lot of regulars moved to the occasionals club!

Anyways, I intend to rejoin the regulars club, and hope to find more members there to give me company..

Needless to say, while I was sleeping I did not waste my time and dreamt a lot :). Some of it can be written here, some can simply be applied. With time, I would share a lot of my dreams – atleast the ones that are helpful to the larger and saner mortals…

I just got up this morning, with loads of energy and that freshness that sensitizes you to the world around you – that positive smell of freshness that one aspires to internalize, that translates not only to your thought process but also to your passion and perspectives.

So with all the freshness intact, another attempt to revitalize this place begins today..

..maybe thats just what they say for “The all New XXX” series or the sequels of the long pending serials/movies, when they get too droning 😉

[Links to Pics: Baby Sleeping, misplaced the link to the baby in hand pic. In case you happen to come across the source, please let me know. Will link to it. Thanks!]

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