Banner Ads – Can’t Stop Clickin’em..

Puru Gupta
Another 45-day hiatus… No reasons and no explanations. Priorities entailed a different orientation. Period. However, passion overwrites priorities once again, and here I am, working on another aspect of Marketing…

Before I talk on something on Marketing per se, just noticed this wonderful set of Banners, at one of my favorite Banner-ads’ site – Banner Blog – Excellent compilation of Banner Ads across the globe – a must see for anyone who can appreciate creativity

Picture some of the classic ones – my top 3 favorites from the past month’s collection – – one that displays the name of a coffee brand through beans (Suplicy Coffee), one that draws an interesting analogy to reinforce “stability” of a car on any sort of terrain (Citroen C5) and the final one on Mach3 Turbo, that gives you an online experience of smooth shaving!

Have a look at the website – great example of another form of advertising in the virtual universe…

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