Found this nice piece of creativity at advertising for peanuts. A fine example of how simple concepts of design can communicate a strong social message. Made for CVV (Suicide Prevention Center) by Leo Burnett, Sao Paulo (Brazil), the campaign symbolizes how the best person to help you in your times of trouble is you yourself. Hence, the campaign “Help Yourself

Incidentally, found an interesting blog, Mer-chan, whose author, Katy, had identified a similar design piece created by Peter Callesen.
Peter’s work – designs made by cutting sheets of paper – seems to have inspired the creators of this campaign.

Katy mentioned in her post that the work of the artist from Denmark would have either designed the posters himself or would have inspired the admen….both in Brazil as well as in China

Nonetheless, excellent pieces of design – in fact, I would recommend any aspiring designer to visit Peter’s website and learn how he has created wonders out of simple sheets of paper.

Commendable work indeed!
[via Advertising for Peanuts]