Caution: Even though it may seem to have, and may provide additional incentives for window-blog-visitors, this post does not contain any Adult content.

Have been watching some advertisements at YouTube lately. Out of the 50-odd I scanned through today, these are the best 10-minutes spent presented here..

What’s common in all this pieces? Each of them ensures high recall value and strong humor association. However, what remains to be seen is, as I keep reiterating time and again, how much of this translates into sales and brand recall – ultimate objective for most of the sane marketers.

An addition to this perspective, however, is the significance of recall value – If the ad ensures high recall and it’s a low involvement category, then this very recall drives in-store pick ups or impulse purchases at the POP.

All said and done, a nice treat for the weekend – Kudos to the agencies and the contributors for these. 🙂

This is a series of four commercials that were banned, but were presented at NBC back-to-back. The 2-minute video features “The most read newspaper in SwedenExpresse (Swedish Newspaper), “Get in ShapeCompanhia Athletica, BCCheering Works” and “We blow up your favorite Holiday Picture!Time Foto.

Just Load it, sit back and earn some smiles…

Additionally, the following three were my pick from the lot – commendable conceptualization, excellent execution and of course, high humor content…

The commercials are of Polisan wall paintsGet used to it”, Braathens SafeWe’re flying your in-laws at half price! and Zazoo condoms

Brilliant execution, undoubtedly – and for all the people who have some sense of humor – definitely worth the load…