If you want to connect to your consumer, you need to talk to them in their language, using the tools they use, the forums they visit and communicate your differentiating point where it hits the most to them – in their own conditioned environment.

Thanks to Martina (Rocco Stallvord, actually), I could identify yet another conditioned view that we come across more than a few times daily – Error 404 – Cannot find server!

Basically, the website of West Wayne Agency, the page first seems like the same error 404, but then when you refresh, you notice that the same page communicates something different – just like the URL tries to connect to the server, the consumer tries to connect to the brand – and this is what happens when he cannot find the connect… and he disconnects!!

Solution? Have a look to what West Wayne suggests – call them people not consumers, and build a relationship with them…

Interestingly, one thing I noticed what worked in favor of West Wayne for such a creative – the call code! West Wayne has the contact office in Atlanta, Georgia, the calling code of which is 404! Therefore, HTTP 404 has an altogether different interpretation in this case. Maybe – this connect might have triggered the idea for all you know….

Nonetheless, a brilliant piece of execution – worth experiencing the disconnect yourself – simple, yet strong!

[Via Adverblog]