Found a nice piece of Ad on this week’s Best Ads for Remember Credit Card.

A nice creative, that connects to a unique subtle thought pattern of each one of us – the impulses within us that are beyond the zone of “Acceptability” and stay within our heads only!

Picture this – (read it slowly)…
Its not just you – we all have the most bizarre thoughts and impulses constantly flowing through our heads that might have dramatic consequences, if they actually went through with them…

This is what the Ad is about – how our attitudes are NOT governed by our impulses, but by a sensible controlled thought process – in most of the occasions. A basic apprehension attached to credit cards is that it entails profligacy, and one does not have control of his/her expenses. A nice way to counter this apprehension and invoke a change in behavior….Have a look

A nice phrase to summarize the entire creative…
“Remember – Just because you can do something, that doesn’t mean you will…
Remember – you’re in charge..”

Incidentally, the website of the credit card, though in Swedish, has some interesting features, worth exploring. If you want to find out about the application process and the procedure, the home page directs you to an interactive panel, where your host is waiting for you to explain things around. Though all the text and explanation is in Swedish, thankfully he talks English!

With a well targeted choice of language, the set of 4 videos covers, in a nutshell, the need of a credit card, the need of “re:membercredit card, and a product comparison with other credit cards. It elaborates on the consumption habits and usage patterns vis-à-vis a credit card, and enunciates the solutions to all the problems it cites during the interactive!

From the misconceptions we carry about a credit card to inflexibilities attached to the “usual” credit cards, the interactive suggests you to move beyond the “Conventional thinking of monthly consumption, where most of us have a financial horizon of a month, and we plan our life around the lunar calendar”.

And what is the solution?
You decide how to run your life and then, better ways to finance it.; How to pay for what you buy, by borrowing money from your future self – a credit card that evolves with you – a credit card where you are in charge”.

Specifically, the card helps you plan (your own payment plan), and planning gives you a greater command of your life – “Remember! When you have a plan, you’re in charge!”

Moreover, it helps you deal with the unexpected. When unexpected things happen, you should be able to move on, and not get bothered by them – “key is to be in charge of the unexpected

Finally, it even congratulates you, when you decide to apply for a credit card….a perfect online companion and friend for you…

Thus, it reinforces the central theme of being in control of your expenses by planning things around you, and a tool that facilitates this planning is your remember credit card, that helps you….in a way so that you’re in charge!
Commendable execution – worth a look

Wonder what all the recovery agents would have to say to this…;-)

Still despise the credit cards?

Agency: DDB Stockholm, Country: Sweden
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  1. The first of the commercials I saw felt
    very familiar to me. I finally found a
    page that described it the best, over at

    It’s in Swedish except for the important
    quotes. The translation goes like this…

    // Beginning blog post translation //

    Is anyone else thinking about Tyler
    Durden in Fight Club when they show
    the commercial for re:member on tv?

    Tyler Durden in Fight Club:

    You are not your job. You are not the money in your bank account. You are not the car you drive. You are not how much money is in your wallet. You are not your fucking khakis. You are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.

    Random Brittish Guy in the Remember commercial.

    Remember, you are not your watch on your wrist. You’re not your golfclub membership. You’re not your caffe latte. Remember, you are not your furniture in your home. You are not the car you drive.You are not your shirt, your shoes or your sunglasses and your not your tailored suit.

    What’s even funnier is that Fight Club
    ends with them blowing up the
    buildings of big credit companies.

    // End of blog post translation //

    So the questions are:
    – Did they do this on purpose?
    – Did they do something similar
    with the other commercials?

    Help wanted with these quetions…

    Take care

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