Found these nice creative pieces at Ads of the world, for another offering from Wrigley’s – “Hubba Bubba

The tagline reads “For Blowers, Hubba Bubba
Made by Wrigley Jr. Company in 1979 in the US, Hubba Bubba has been positioned primarily as a bubble blowing gum. Since the gum was less sticky, these bubbles were easier to peel from the skin after they burst…a scientific explanation to the pranks intended indirectly hinted at..

As is evident, the company has built localized portals for each region, and most of the advergames to engage children are built around bubble blowing and bursting them. The UK website of Hubba Bubba has built a virtual city with various events and stalls. From the time I spent inside it, it is definitely an interesting tour…

The product – not only does the gum come in various flavors, it also comes in various forms…..initially, it was distributed as chunks / pieces, but recently, it has been produced as shredded pieces of baseball, rolls of bubble gum tape, plastic jugs of crystals, boxes of tiny gumballs and stuffed with candy.

The creatives have been made by DDB, Sydney, Australia, so am assuming that it would be made for the Australian markets. According to the website of Wrigley Australia, the gum is available there in 2 forms – either as pieces or bubble tape.

Incidentally, the Hubba Bubba brand was discontinued in the U.S. in the early 1990s according to Wikipedia, but was re-started in 2004, under the name of Hubba Bubba Max – this explains the logic of the Hubba Bubba max website, specific to the US market.

What really is appealing is the simplicity of the ads and their single focussimply blow bubbles! Definitely something to lure and excite the adventurous pranksters in Australia..

Incidentally, though the website has been made for young kids, this campaign is specifically targeted at the teenage segment, and not kids – hence, it is positioned as less of fun and more of adventure. Products like bubble gums are difficult to market to kids above 12-13 age-group, but this campaign has picked up the right elements to add another segment to their customer profile. Kudos to the repositioning..

[Sources: Bubble Tummy Bubble Head Bubble Cheeks]

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