Greg Verdino predicts six trends in media that would dominate the media mix of companies in the near future…

Greg recommends an understanding of these trends for all marketers, and believes that these opportunities would determine the manner in which “people consume media”..

These trends include

  • lifeblogging and a much more integrated social network system, with the Gen X getting highly involved with the online space, and sharing perspectives,
  • mobile marketing and moving content advertising/marketing from web to telecom technology
  • 3D internet, with similar versions of second life emerging
  • virtual classrooms and training programs, with modern methods of teaching kids, through games and online courses
  • digital portable customer generated videos
  • Free content distribution to the consumers, and looking for blanket sponsors for this distribution.
Am sure, each of these would evolve into a specific tool in itself, and they would become focus areas soon, for marketers around the world. But, whichever medium is used and leveraged, it is almost certain that the New world comprising the new gen consumers and new gen marketers isn’t too satisfied with the existing media. With the pace at which it is changing, the trends predicted above might just be reality in no time…Will come back with more details on this on this space itself….

Really an insightful presentation. Something worth spending some time on….
[Click here for the slideshow]

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  1. Thanks for picking this up. You are right to point out that many of these trends are rooted in people’s (and increasingly marketers’) dissatisfaction with traditional media experiences. And you’re also right to point out that any of these could be a reality in no time – some of them already are (even if only to small segments of the population). We live in interesting times!

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