Sometime back I had talked about the signifance of Annual Reports and their emerging role in Branding for companies. A recent article by Rajeshwari Sharma, “Making a Statement” gives an insight into the policy framework and the specifics of Annual Report Designing.

Design and Development of these tools has emerged as a separate function for some companies, and with the growing economy, it is imperative to have a tool which articulates this growth as well.

A nice article to understand the norms of the industry, and trends visible in the market. A good bunch of illustrations substantiate the arguments mentioned therein. As I had mentioned earlier, this is an initiative to establish credibility among the stakeholders and promote the umbrella brand or reiterate the corporate brand image, and the article reinforces this perspective.

Another trend predicted in this space – Online Reporting..Rightly so, with the changing face of corporate branding – lesser Annual Reports, Awards for Designing Annual Reports, endorsements and branding the images of top management – the potential of the online space is unlimited and is bound to be leveraged.

As I had said earlier,branding does permeate into the staid world of Financial Reporting, and for those whos still hold on to their screens sidelining this fact, well, just keep watching this space.. 😉

[Reference: Making a Statement]

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