Almost a year back, my article on Advergaming was published in the Advertising Express (June’06 Cover Story). The same article features in a new book on the Gaming Industry, published by ICFAI Press.

The book covers the various aspects of the gaming industry and its emergence as a separate entity. It explores, through a compilation of articles, the external and internal factors towards the development of the industry.

The overview on my article goes as…
…”Emerging Role of Advergaming: A Global and Indian Perspective” by Puru Gupta discusses advergaming, a rising niche segment in promotion, and its two main forms, advergaming and in-game advertising. After presenting an overview of global and Indian markets, it discusses consumer behaviour towards gaming in terms of various parameters like length of exposure, pertinence to lifestyle, involvement levels of customers and their receptivity to advertisements. This article also sets out the challenges facing this nascent industry in India and offers some recommendations. It also looks at what the future has in store for advergaming in India. It concludes by saying that advergaming can be a great aid to innovative companies that wish to reinforce their leadership in their respective industries.”