Social Campaigns and protests might not give a comfortable feeling around, considering that in India, it is reserved for people who dont have much work. More so, the effectiveness of such initiatives is always a question. Therefore, the protests or NGOs instigating such reactions are termed as inconsequential and not really appreciated around, by the common people.

However, have a look at a recent campaign successfully closed by Greenpeace activists at Times Square, where Kleenex PR campaign were being shot. An excellent way to spread the message, and undoubtedly, a contrast to typical stereotypes of protests seen around here!

The campaign by Kleenex invited people walking around to participate and talk about their stories and experiences. The effort was to make them get emotional and then, demand a tissue (bang – Kleenex!). If their experiences were to used for the new online video of Kleenex, then they would be paid $200 for that!

The Greenpeace activists interrupted this, since the tissues are made of virgin fibre and forests are being destroyed for making this. A nice way of protesting the effort – by articulating the harm caused through these tissues and counter brand ambassadors spreading the messages – using their own campaign effort, and video shooting. Great work, Greenpeace!

Incidentally, through this campaign, I hit upon a great find – Max Lenderman’s weblog – Experience the message. A great place to spend some time online for marketing enthusiasts…added him in my “new discoveries” links..

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