Found this brilliant piece of work from Martina’s Blog

This is one from Samsung, rather for Samsung, and emphasizes the compactness and sleakness of their models. The video, shot through microscopic lenses, and titled “Millimetres matter“, does put the point across quite effectively. However, the sad part is, it is not integrated with an online presence, to follow up or leverage the awe created by the ad.

Martina has put across the points quite well – the effort of such a brilliant execution gets diluted due to lack of a corresponding comprehensive website, which carries on the high involvement earned through the ad. All it has is a justification of the use of insects, developed out of the fear of social resistance, probably!

Having said that, the website of Samsung Electronics Ulta II is no less – it is a wonderful piece and engages the visitors for some time – especially those looking to play some nice online games….those interested can check them out here!

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