Lately, the Television ads of Perfetti’s Happydent have always been below expectations, and have had limited appeal in terms of humor levels – the connect does not happen and recall levels generally are abysmally low. However, this particular campaign, doing the rounds in the online space as “Be the Light” for the Indian markets has definitely outperformed the rest, and definitely scores high in terms of humor and creativity.

Initially, most of the situations and sets comprise men being used as items / property and are positioned at various points which make no logical sense. But at the end of the advertisement, all the previous sets are connected with a common line of those very men serving to be the light … chewing Happydent.

Some reviews have criticized the ad by being too stupid and lame. Its an individual perspective, but what particularly is of interest in this ad is the way the sets are connected, keeping in mind the feudal system that was practiced by our ancestors – men treated as commodities and servants, and nothing more than that!

Commendable creation indeed…Kudos to the creative team for this.
[via Creative Criminal]

Incidentally, I went to the website of Perfetti and noticed the same level of creativity being illustrated there as well. Designed and developed by Virtual marketing (India) Pvt. Ltd., the website has a high “involvement quotient” by inserting elements which would keep the visitors occupied – and does not contain staid content anywhere on the website. Specifically, the fun zone does ensure high involvement of the TG in terms of 6-20 age group (maybe more too!).

Have a look at these Advergames, wherein the basic concepts of advergaming are well practiced and executed – high involvement, product knowledge and variety – all put in each of these games…..a double kudos to Virtual Marketing (who themselves have an amazing site!) for this creation..

You can visit the fun zone at the website, to try out any of these. You are bound to challenge your own high scores, soon! 😉

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