How does a human mind work when it looks at emotions? A normal human brain would, most likely, interpret the emotions based on previous information, and relate to causal conditions for the emotions – and sympathize with them. In some cases, we can empathize with those emotions as well…..

For instance, this photograph might look like a baby crying and tired, or the pic below might seem to be two cute twins posing for a photograph, with sheer innocence…
But an advertiser’s mind doesnt stop there….he connects these emotions to his intended communication and gets a campaign out of it – and in a fantastic combinaton of emotions and brand values – he gets his point across.. Things which we, as normal individuals, would experience and interpret in isolation, but do not connect them – he forms that connection….

Thats called the art of creativity, something one epitomizes in the rarified Advertising Industry…must say, Commendable interpretations and designs!

Call it presence of mind or out-of-the box thinking, but have a look at the emotions expressed, or expressions in the photographs – most of them would seem to be familiar to us…but how many times would we relate or interpret them in the manner they have been expressed here….

Think about it…

[Sources: Twin Brothers Panadol, Colin Glass Cleaner]

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