Most of the times, advertisements in the B2C or C2C space are discussed and stressed upon in the marketing circles. This time, however, I found a piece, which is supposedly* in the B2B space – Dennis Coir Mills.

This simple ad highlights the source, as well as the target markets in this print piece. As mentioned at Adland, Coir is made from coconuts and is used in the making of floor mats and doormats, brushes, mattresses, etc. Therefore, the copy “Taking Coir across the world” holds relevance to the products offered by the company.

In marketing terms, it is a smart application of Gestalt psychology, wherein the consumer would follow the “Closure” principle of perceptual organization, and take the coconut as the world, and perceive it to be closed like the globe. It is simply the stimulus created by the patterns of the continents drawn, which leads to filling the so-called gaps drawing analogy between the coconut and the earth..

Part of new campaigns list at Agencyfaqs this week, the Ad, designed by Mudra Communications for DC Mills, emphasizes on the use of coconut for the making of the products of the company.

Though the portfolio of the company also contains other products, like bamboo and jute, the agency has chosen to highlight a particular component for this space. Probably, other component-ads might follow, or the export market for coir mats and rugs might be the biggest for the company. Whatever may be the case, leveraging the unique and creative designs of the coir mats, Mudra, through this ad definitely reiterates the innovation quotient of the company, and scores on creativity once again.

* Why supposedly – because there is no mention of the channels offered by the company, and the possibility of bulk-breaking and direct customer orders. As of now, B2B is based on what has been commented at Adland and a simplistic assumption that the company is primarily operating in the export market.

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