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Ad Age – Wal-Mart Looks to Refurbish Image With Political-Style Ads

A New Ad Campaign by Wal-mart, covering the benefits it creates in the society, for the society…through jobs, savings, charity,etc. Pretty well analyzed by Adage in their Campaign Review (Click the pic to watch the Ad) The video is also available at YouTube, but is surely worth a watch, especially for people who have been following the latest concerns on Wal-mart and its policies.

Sao Paulo (Brazil): Spread the Message… but not Outside!

Its not uncommon these days to imagine a city, which appears to be “young and hep” with an open mindset reflected in the Advertising Media, yet hosting a community grappling with high rates of maternal mortality and lack of awareness on women’s rights! When it comes to South America’s largest and most prosperous country, Brazil is no exception to this. On one hand, the city government of Sao Paulo banned any public display of Billboards…

Deceptive Marketing … Marketing in 2010?

What happens when Marketers overuse their understanding of the Ps of Marketing and give importance to an altogether redefined set of Ps – Perception, Promises, Packaging and Pills? Sometimes, when Marketers are too much focused on the topline, they tend to overpromise and underdeliver, .. That’s when the black side of Marketing, termed as “Deceptive Marketing” evolves.. And this is exactly when a regulatory mechanism is required to stop them and tell them to introspect…

No time to Rest in the Rest Rooms…..for Marketers!

Restroom Advertising is nothing new, not even at this blog – Have talked about Restrooms (the Advertising part!) before also, be it Guerillas in Restrooms or LCD Ads and posters inside public bathrooms – Marketers do not want to miss out on this integral space of consumer’s space. Having said that, another component of Marketing is being exercised on Restrooms now – From Advertising, Marketers have moved on to Branding of Restrooms. Have a look…

Wal-mart Girls – Promoting the Promoters..

Long back, I had written a new and innovative ways of marketing music – through innovation in the distribution channel and creativity in branding. That time it was Putamayo, this time it is Miramonte Records… If Putamayo tried playing its world music in the retail outlets and restaurants, another music company, Miramonte Records, is trying newer ways to promote country music – by creating music and promoting those who would promote that very music! Specifically,…

Welcome, 2007!

Welcome, 2007! Its been a long wait… Finally, you have arrived!Looking forward to an exciting time with you over the next one year…

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