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McDonald’s Sundial Campaign – Breakfast Timings given by the Sun Gods..

An innovative billboard designed by Leo Burnett has been put up in Wrigleyville, Chicago, as part of the Sundial Campaign. According to Chicago Business,The billboard has been designed with inputs of an engineer and “features a real sundial whose shadow falls on a different breakfast item each hour until noon, when the shadow of the McDonald’s arches are dead center“. The campaign is part of the Fast Food Breakfast War in the United States, with…

Cingular: The “Fewest Dropped Calls” Campaign

A creative concept by BBDO for Cingular symbolizes the “dropped calls” irritant and claims that the Network ensures the “fewest dropped calls” in the United States.Nicely executed campaign! [via Advergirl] This campaign was launched nationwide in the US in April, at a time when most of the other Mobile Operators were claiming similar service levels –Alltel claimed to have the “largest” network, Verizon “the most reliable,” Sprint “the most powerful,” and Cingular “the fewest dropped…

Campaigns “in the air”…

Found really innovative campaigns at the BillboardromOne of them uses the aircraft seat pretty creatively (till now, I have only seen the headrests being used creatively) with the laptop right in front of you. An excellent BTL campaign indeed! The brand being advertised is a Brazilian Computer Manufacturer – Itautec [Source: Coloribus via Billboardom] The second one converts the supports inside airport shutters to watches. You need to see the campaign to understand the execution….

World Cup Fever in Shanghai: Eating Soccer, Literally!

Shanghai is mad about World Cup, and I can sense it here. New and innovative marketing concepts are introduced in the market almost every day, to lure customers by connecting to the World Cup pulse. Concepts like World Cup Nannies, World Cup Screenings, modified HR policies for World Cup,etc. are altogether New Markets created in Shanghai. Of course, the locals have money to spend and the passion to force them to spend. It is simply…

Presidents as Brand Ambassadors?

National Monuments acting as Brand Ambassadors? Well, if Advertising is not headed there, at least the advertisers are..It is a lucrative deal to get one President to endorse your brand. But when you have four American Presidents do it for you, that’s a proposal very few would like to leave at the table. Imagine if they are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln… Probably, this is what lured Proshade, a 3-year-old consumer…

Advergaming – Global and Indian Perspective (Cover Story)

Advertising Express, the International Advertising Publication of ICFAI Press, has featured my article as this month’s Cover Story.You can have a look at the June’s Issue to get more details on the article and the publication. The article talks about Advergaming and in-game advertising, a trend which is fast evolving in India currently. The global perspective has been discussed a lot of times and the industry has reached a certain maturity in the western markets….

Chill out… ‘Juicy’ Wars Ahead!

Talking of Warfare, marketers in India are predicting that the price wars would move from the cola battlefield to another one …the Battlefield of Fruit and Fruit-based juices – a nascent market which is emerging as one of the most promising markets of the country, and an equally challenging one..!! Have talked a lot about health-conscious Indian consumers and marketable elements for them; right from Fitness centers to fairness creams, from Skin healers to healthy…

Marketing Strategy – The “Hannibal” Way

Wayne E Pollard, at CMO Magazine, has wonderfully articulated the learnings for Marketers from the chapters of history – from the strategies and planning of Military leader Hannibal Barca, when he attacked Rome between 218 B.C. and 202 B.C.Though I am not in complete agreement with relating new markets to Battlefields, and marketing as “attacking” and “warfare”, one can still identify the key elements of strategizing to be kept in mind, while venturing into a…

Folger’s Coffee, Manhole Covers and New York..

Folger’s coffee has another medium of advertising in New York City – Manholes!Printed on Vinyl and steam coming out of it, the tagline reads “Hey the City never Sleeps. Wake up”[via Coloribus] A nice comment was given by David Kiley in “Brand New Day” blog of Businessweek.He has commented on the display with a realistic perspective of the “manhole cover” – though the picture hits the taste buds sensing a hot cup of steaming soothing…

“Heavy Weight” Billboards….Literally!

I had earlier spoken about Fitness centres using innovative application of traditional media – Billboards. That time, it was about Silberman Fitness Centre. Have a look at 2 more billboards, reinforcing the flexibility this medium offers. Great creatives indeed. (Thanks to Ilya – Billboardroom!) What is the key to marketing this service of Fitness and weight control? In both the billboards, attention is grabbed by building around the same concept – a fat man deforming…

Childcare India – “Push him out of Begging” Campaign

I am amazed at the pace the Indian advertising is going at. The creative juices undoubtedly are flowing throughout the country like never before. Also, it is not just the work of a few select agencies that could pile up all the credit but a pan-India phenomenon. Evidently, now their work is being recognized the world over and different parts of the world are looking up to the Indian sub-continent for “creative inflows”! Undoubtedly, there…

Social Marketing in Liberia – Voice of a Nation..

Thanks to a tip from Ilya Vedrashko at Billboard, I found a whole new dimension of Marketing – a tool that acts as a voice of a community – a voice that has the power to move a nation – power to change the perspective of a society. Billboards in Liberia are being used to convey messages to the tortured, abused and hurt sections of the society, who have so far stayed quiet and numb…

Lifebuoy “Swasthya Chetna” Campaign for Rural India

Last week, Chief Post Master General of Maharashtra Circle, K Noorjehan, released a special Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetna Postal Cover on the occasion of World Health Day.It was the first time that an Indian Brand had been featured on a postal cover, and the fact that the Indian government has recognized the efforts of HLL in health and hygiene in such a manner reinforces the strong Brand Association of Lifebuoy with Health!According to Business Line, the…

Eggvertising: Unbundling opportunities for Advertisers..

Though this article is done with its round of Blog-attention almost 2 months back, I could not resist myself in putting it up here too. By tapping a very specific attribute of Consumer Behavior, a company has invented a whole new concept of Advertising for Marketers and Convenience for Consumers. Attribute? Consumers’ apprehensions and their scrutinizing of the Eggs pre-purchase, entailing time engagement with the eggs; This results in high visibility of the eggs, which…

Glocalized Marketing :Nike in Mexico and China

A small portion of the glocal strategies used by Nike the world over:In Mexico, Nike strongly associates with the National Sports of the country – Soccer. The endorsers are the local players and Advertising is centered on Soccer itself. Here is a sample of an ambient lately carried out in Mexico. Advertising taken to the streets, literally! [Source: Coloribus] Even this campaign piggybacks on showing associating the soccer ball with Nike Shoes! On the other…

Tradition Marketing: Fantasy Coffins from Ghana

A unique and interesting element of the coastal Ghana communities, that has been present for generations in this part of the world is the concept of Fantasy Coffins. Meticulously detailed and based on objects of significance to the deceased, such coffins are an important aspect of the burial ritual. According to Arts on the point, this art form is practiced particularly by the Ga community in Ghana. And what do these coffins depict? They reflect…

New Medium of Advertising: Fieldvertising in Germany

It is no longer an exaggeration when one reads that Advertisers are trying to capitalize on every space to capture the minds of the consumers…well, most of them have taken this advice too literally! Nonetheless, creative juices continue to flow around the globe. Earlier I had talked about how the human anatomy was being tapped to buy Advertising space. That was just one aspect of this developing phenomenon. Recently, I read about this new concept…

Vicks Adver-game: Diary defender by First Defence..

A new advergame has been launched for First Defence, a nasal spray that fights colds at the early signs. Taking cues from the old classic spaceship/detroyer game, the game has been conceptualized on the basic characteristics of the nasal spray from Vicks. Every element in this game has been well thought of, and excellently executed. Be it First Defence Bonuses or killing of the germ-looking enemies by trapping them in the microgel, the game is…

Kids Marketing in China: Tiger Brands

I recently read about a unique tradition in China, which could be leveraged by the Marketing community in this region – tiger products for young children!According to a research paper on Chinese culture, the villagers used to make children less than one year old wear tiger hats, clothes, and shoes. Reasons? A tiger suit is considered good for health and luck and because they believed it can keep mosquitoes and evil away from the child….

Outdoor Advertising: Schweppes in Europe

An innovative method of outdoor Advertising in Europe by Schweppes – placing Schweppes bottles in lakes and fountains.Created by Duval Guillaume’s Antwerp, the campaign would include fountains across European countries placing Schweppes Bottles “illustrating the product’s sparkling effervescence” Since Europe is well known for its scenic features, such a campaign would definitely get high visibility. More so, the popularity of the “Indian Tonic” brand reflects in its sales in Europe. According to the official website,…

Marketing to Women: More Hits and Misses!

I have earlier talked about various segments of Women Consumers: Women in the IT sector, women aged between 35-45 years and “Can you lose sales in two words?” from Women. Let me take it a step further and delve into specific consumer mindsets. I managed to read a few articles on Women Consumers – some dos and don’ts and certain imperatives for Marketing to Women. Let me first talk from a generic perspective for Women…

Surrogate Advertising: Enforced Innovation

A recent series of hoardings led me to delve into a very unique trend specific to Indian advertising – Surrogate advertising… a trend which is fast catching up and has suddenly attracted a lot of innovative and creative brains around the country. Reason? On one hand, the govt cannot allow public advertising of liquor companies. But ironically, liquor and cigarette sales are the biggest revenue generators in terms of taxes and duties on these items….

Restructuring of Indian Firms – Brand Channel Paper

My Paper on “Restructuring of Indian Firms for catering to Emerging Markets” recently got published on Brand Channel. Based on Corporate strategy, the paper talks about the strategy that Indian firms need to adopt in the changing business environment and the evolving dynamics of the Indian Markets. Traditionally, the Indian businesses have been family-run businesses and conglomerates. They established the backbone of Indian business and have been the face of India Inc. in the Corporate…

Anti-Smoking Campaigns – me too …

I have been discussing Smoking and cigarettes quite a bit (2 entries to be precise). I had earlier talked about Jim’s Burnt Offerings and then, a couple of days back, I discussed Chicago’s Smokers’ Lounge. In order to prevent any conscious and sub-conscious criticism, I decided to absolve this blog of any promotional intentions for smoking…Here are some good campaigns I have collated from various sources, all underlying the theme of “Anti-smoking”…Have a look..(Click to…

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