Have been consistently inconsistent in blogging for while now; Would it would take a New year’s Resolution for me to be back to this forum again? Maybe…Maybe not. A bit of extra time would be just fine :).

Guess, this is where most of the blogs lead to. Too much of thought and too much of dreaming. But little on execution. Incidentally, this place will NOT be like most of the blogs, and I am pretty sure about it.

However, till the time I get into proving that part of the practical and actionable side of my thoughts, there ARE some great leaders, some living legends who have done it, and done it with some perfect finesse. So much so that they are now honored with the “World’s best thinkers” Awards

People who have made a difference, people who belong to an elite class of thinkers, people who not only have thought about themselves, but have oriented the entire world by providing an altogether new dimension to their thinking, people…..who are probably underrated by being called “people” – Some of the finest and most admired Thinkers – are part of the elite club called the “The Thinkers50”.

Started in 2001, the Thinkers50 for 2005 is probably history now. But, the best thinkers for this year would be out pretty soon.

Some of the names that have the highest recall are featured, be it Michael Porter, Bill Gates, Tom Peters, Philip Kotler or C K Prahalad – these men surely share top of the mind recall, when it comes to Management Gurus – Deservingly the best thinkers of our time. Read more on the rankings and the methodology followed.

As the year comes to a close, maybe its time for us to look back and admire few people who have made a difference to the way business is done, who have influenced many with their perspectives, who are idealized by more than a few across geographies, across cultures, across functions, and across societies.

Will look forward to some of the prominent names this year as well…would post an update as and when it comes!

Are you thinking? 😉

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