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Exactly a year ago, I had celebrated the 136th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at this place. Logically, it is his 137th Birth Anniversary today.

Last year, I had discussed “Brand Gandhi” and how he has been instrumental in endorsing brands. Elevated to Celebrity status, the use of his name and stature has been instrumental in attaching credibility to a lot of companies.

Taking it forward, I intend to discuss one such illustration which highlights incorrect use of “Brand Gandhi”. How ethnic differences impact marketing and what are the implications? Wait for the next entry.

For now, a smart application of the legend, by Apple“Think Different”

Could not really understand the one with Hitler and Stalin (I think). Maybe I will have to wait till I understand some Russian!

Incidentally, there is an entire generation of people (mostly Europeans and Africans) who know him as “Ghandi” and not the actual “Gandhi“. Am clueless about the origin of this word, but some portion of the literature I found on the Internet has consistently misspelt the name!

2 Replies to “Mahatma Gandhi – “Think Different””

  1. What Stalin (If you’ve got that right.. :-)) seems to be saying is “Mahatma Ghandi? Haaahahaaahaaa”….
    Even I am intrigued and would love to know what the message is….
    Is it about people laughing at Gandhi while he thought different and accomplished what he set out to?

  2. It’s not Stalin (he had plenty of hair on his head throughout his lifetime).
    I think this is a spoof on the Apple campaign, of Russian origin. The idea could be that while “everyone” thinks Gandhi was a cool guy, Hitler and his friend find him silly and laugh at him. I.e. they think different.

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