It might be more than a month since the Cannes Lions 2006 Awards have been announced, but could not stop myself from mentioning some of the best pieces out of the winners of this year.

This Television commercial from Italy features Ariston’s Aqualtis Washing Machine in a totally unexpected creative manner. The creative, titled “Underwater World” (or “Il mondo sommerso” as its called in Italian) imagines the washing machine as an aquatic world and translates the elements inside the washing machine (clothes to be precise) into the sea world creatures. For instance, socks turn into fishes, shirts into marshes, handkerchiefs into jellyfish and a scarf into eel. Incidentally, I could only gather this much. There are more creatures described at Duncans, where the entire commercial has been explicated, with all the ad elements mentioned.

Blue fish with white spots swimming through the coral are in fact socks navigating their way through white shirt sleeves. Scarves wave their seaweed fronds as handkerchiefs double as jellyfish. A bra threatens to snap shut like a clam on a playful sock. A vest floats past like a turtle. A red silk scarf makes its way past white shoe laces.

The entire commercial, or the sea world experience is nothing but an Ariston Aqualtis washing machine in action…..”Big Inside” is the super.
After watching the commercial, anyone would infer that the Agency behind the creative, Leo Burnett Italia, Milan, rightfully deserves the Gold Lion it won at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

[Reference: Adverblog and Cannes Lions]

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