Almost a year back, I had discussed about the Amul Moppet and its brand history in India.
Incidentally, little has changed since then. The marketing efforts of the cooperative are still commendable, considering the level of consistency and innovation it has demonstrated over the past 40 years.

Its latest initiative includes repackaging its core product to capture an altogether new channel, and command its position in a promising network, which is yet to be fully explored – serving the airlines and the railways

According to a press release, Amul Butter would soon be available in an internationally designed tub pack. This would make Amul the first company to launch Butter in an International pack in the country “thereby strengthening its leadership status in the category.”

Though this type of packaging has already been introduced in the bread spread category by the Market Leader (86% market share!) in other offerings like “Lite spread”, Butter is still packaged in cardboard packs.

In an effort to move up the value chain, convenience attribute was factored into the repackaging initiative. It is oriented towards “single serving” “low priced” and “convenient application and disposal” parameters. Therefore, a logical channel would be the food service industry – aviation, railways, long-distance transport services, entertainment hubs and caterers.
Such an initiative, based on the manner of serving the customers, reinforces the market trend of increasing importance of services for any product category in the consumer markets.

Unfortunately, no trial packs are available to understand this further. The launch is scheduled for this month nationally. Maybe once it is introduced in the market, I would be in a better position to opine on it.

Talk of Amul and not talk of it topicals? Not possible as long as moppet is there…
Continuing the trend of movie dramas, the latest topicals are spoofed on the 2 recent megamovies – Krish and Omkara. With all comments reserved on the movies per se, the topicals are as interesting as they have been!

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