Advertising Express, the International Advertising Publication of ICFAI Press, has featured my article as this month’s Cover Story.
You can have a look at the June’s Issue to get more details on the article and the publication.

The article talks about Advergaming and in-game advertising, a trend which is fast evolving in India currently. The global perspective has been discussed a lot of times and the industry has reached a certain maturity in the western markets. However, due to the nature of the industry, experts have not been successful in emulating the concept in India.

Is there a market for in-game advertising in India? If yes, who should invest in it and how should they go about it? What is the scope of the future growth and penetration into the Indian psyche for this concept?

To a certain extent, the article discusses these pertinent issues. Unfortunately, due to copyrights, I have little content to present. However, a Summary of the article has been presented below –

Advertising has evolved over the past two-three years and is no longer confined to the traditional modes. With the changing behavioral pattern of the consumer of theInformation Age, the way the marketers talk to the consumers is also changing. One such mode is advertising in video games through various channels. This paper presents a specific mode of advertising in video games… in-game advertising and advergaming. An overview of the industry has been presented and also various aspects of the same have been outlined. An initial discussion on the changing business environment and the need to shift from traditional advertising is also followed by a snapshot of the vast potential that this emerging segment holds. Consumer behavior in the gaming community is a complex phenomenon, and has specific attributes, which marketers the world over would like to leverage to build their marketing communication. This article attempts to identify specific characteristics of the typical consumer, and the factors influencing his decisions.

Feedback is welcome and highly appreciated. A post mortem of the article would follow soon, based on the feedback and current industry trends. Readers are requested to post their responses/thoughts…

Hope you like it!

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