I am amazed at the pace the Indian advertising is going at. The creative juices undoubtedly are flowing throughout the country like never before. Also, it is not just the work of a few select agencies that could pile up all the credit but a pan-India phenomenon. Evidently, now their work is being recognized the world over and different parts of the world are looking up to the Indian sub-continent for “creative inflows”! Undoubtedly, there is a lot to learn from some of the Creative masters of the country.

For instance, this campaign for Childcarean organization for the betterment of the homeless children in India, talks about the attitude of common Indians towards these children, who are a common sight at the Traffic lights and Shopping Complexes.

This Campaign has already done the rounds of most of the Ad Blogs. For the Ad freaks, this would be classic piece now. However, couldn’t resist putting it up here, simply because of its Indian roots!

The campaign forces the viewers to introspect and think about these children. It reads “Push him out of Begging and not out of your Way”. Have a look at how the message is communicated and sent across to people like us.

Brilliant work indeed! However, on second thoughts, I feel that there is very little that most of us can do, except, at best, appreciate this campaign.
Can we eradicate begging per se? Can we change the attitude of people pre-occupied with their own fast-paced lives? Can the attitude of millions of beggars be changed where they are coerced into doing something constructive?
Most of the answers would terminate with a negation. However, what the least we CAN do is appreciate someone’s effort in making an attempt towards this effect!
Kudos to the agency (Grey India) and the organization (Childcare India) !
[Source: Sandeep Makam]

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  1. Hey,

    Good point. When I was in India, I never encouraged children “begging”. Know wat, I would have been mean n rude, but I asked them to go to school or do a decent job. I have never paid a penny to kids. I think they have agencies working with kids to make money. Money has no value when people do not value human beings.
    I know they are too young to work as a child labor. But atleast, they will work and not beg.

  2. Yup Priya,

    But the only problem is that

    “it is always easy to abstain from doing something urself & give gyan”

    The kinda of problem they face is not that they have lack of motivation to go to school, instead its the dearth of money.

    Hence just asking them wont help, though it might be the first step…but not the end of the road.

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