It is no longer an exaggeration when one reads that Advertisers are trying to capitalize on every space to capture the minds of the consumers…well, most of them have taken this advice too literally!

Nonetheless, creative juices continue to flow around the globe. Earlier I had talked about how the human anatomy was being tapped to buy Advertising space. That was just one aspect of this developing phenomenon. Recently, I read about this new concept in Germany – Fieldvertising.

Extremely creative, the concept has been pioneered as ArtField in Germany and has been instrumental is introducing a new medium of Advervitising…Fieldvertising!

Fields in Germany are taken on lease and this space is utilized for advertising. Target customers: Obviously, the highfliers, the onlookers and the regulars in the air.

Needless to say, the costs would be very high for this Ad space, plus it has to be near to the runway, to ensure some visibility from the airspace. Low fliers should also be present if some alternates are to be taken care of. Fields near to the main cities would be the natural selections, than the suburbs.
Even the website introduces this concept as “Artfield Landart presents Advertising and Nature’s Art with an unusual perspective. ” Undoubtedly unusual, but definitely a creative genious!

In India, this art is still 5-10 years away, if at all, since Air Travel is still more or less a prerogative of the middle-income and the high-income individuals. Unless it becomes accessible to the masses, investments in Fieldvertising would not be a viable proposition..

[via Billboardroom]

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  1. its innovative, but like you said,wouldne be viable in a country like oura where air travel has only just “taken off”
    Again we hae our hordes of environmentalists who would condemn any such commercialization of landscapes..
    But why nor the railways? why are marketers ignoring this medium of travel? i didnt see any hoardings or billboards wheni travelled from pune to kerala this past week

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